I don’t do this normally… waking up at 6 in the morning and going for a bike ride..are you nuts? That’s the time I go to bed…. I did almost the same thing in August 2011 but it was long time back. A lot of things have changed since I have been out of India. Now I don’t keep computers in my bed room. No work while half-asleep. However I still wake up late but today I made an exception.

We ( myself, Jiaranai and Joy) thought of a bike trip around the place we live in. So we started at 6 in the morning before sunrise.. ( well I couldn’t see the sun at that time..but there was enough light).

In total we covered 50 kms which included ride along the beach, off road mountain biking, watching wild peacocks fly around etc. In total it was hell of a something. Google my tracks app says we burned 463 calories. But  I am sure I am gaining more and more weight these days 😛

Hope you will enjoy the pictures.

Bike trip in Thailand
We started before sunrise.

IMG_20141106_061352844 IMG_20141106_061608191

Finally the sunrise.
Finally the sunrise.
cycling in Thailand
Specially built bike lanes

IMG_20141106_063344935 IMG_20141106_064619866

I don't know where to go?   Something is wrong with the board.
I don’t know where to go? Something is wrong with the board.


Pit stop break. Banana something.
Pit stop break. Banana something.

Off road biking to see the peacocks IMG_20141106_082211397 Nothing seemed perfect than watching this Friend of mine said on a clear day we can see Myanmar from here.

Pineapple farms everywhere.
Pineapple farms everywhere.

IMG_20141106_112718543 IMG_20141106_113232323 Heading back home

And of course if you ever plan to visit Thailand and enjoy a bike trip. You know a person to Contact. Not me but my friends.

Mahendra Kumar