In continuation of my earlier blog post Insanely Normal which was published by the Elephant Journal which was around 9 years ago I thought of revisiting my thoughts and see what has changed since then.

Insanely normal

In this world where covid-19 has created havoc and countries are struggling to keep their economies running;

Where egoistic, proud men of major countries are losing control of the healthcare system and of their nation;
Where while the nature found a way to heal herself in a matter of months mankind is still trying to monetize the melting poles and sea beds for more Oil;
Where the major giants, fortune 500s, unicorn startups, sillicon valley Angels couldn’t hold hands of their employees for a few months;
Where money not memories are important;
Where United Nations, WHO, UNSC are still puppet in the hands of a few without real powers;
Where the pandemic hasn’t stopped Countries from waging war on others;
Where the religion, colour of the skin, ethenicity, citizenship are still more important than the actual living person;
Where millions are locked in, alone, depressed and anxious;

Still a few humans are left in this God forsaken planet…

who risk their lives for others in the fight against Corona ( I am proud to be friends with Doctors, Nurses, Police officers,  Firefighers, Adminstrative workers, Bankers, Shop owners who made sure the essential services were functional throughout);
Who didn’t travel by Air, bus or train but walked across hundreds of miles to reach home;
Who shared love, care and food supplies to people in need;
Who paid their employees even when they were not able to work;
Who called their friends and families on skype, Zoom and whatsapp video to make sure there presence was felt ( I am sure you have a huge list to thank..same here. ) ;

Who found different ways and means to continue teaching and guiding people through tough times through Yoga, meditation and educational classes ( Special mention of my friend Carrie who helped me with her meditation classes );

While the world talked politics and was busy playing blame game..  a few women took charge and led from the front and are an inspiration to all ( Special mention to the New Zealand PM- Jacinda Ardern and then the other leaders from Germany, Iceland, Finland, South Korea);

While the earth continues to spin and revolve around the Sun and will continue to do so.. these few make the world a place worth living every single second. People call them normal… I call them Insanely Normal!

And yet again…. the reason I am talking about them is because we all know a few of them personally and although it doesn’t matter to them but someone told that a few words for them will go a long way in keeping them normal.. or perhaps Insanely Normal.

Thanks for reading the blog. Let me know what do you think in the comments below.
Mahendra Kumar