happy friendship day

A decade ago I wrote this and still sounds apt for 2020..

you don’t need words to talk to a friend, you just communicate
you don’t need to ask anything from your friend, you just get it
you don’t need Facebook, twitter etc. to be friends, just need the connection

And for this year…

We meet some in school/college, some in office and some in the neighborhood,
With a few we share lunches, trips, drinks and with some we share memories of our childhood;
At any given moment you are priceless or worthless depending on their parent’s mood,
But regardless of any religion, caste, situation, place or reason… with you they always stood;

Here are some of my odd ones…

These guys are the ones I met in school, we played together, worked on projects together but now live apart but we don’t talk everyday but still a call away.

This one I met in school again; the only doctor I know after talking to her either I gain a new perspective towards life or I just study hard and forget about my office hours/ weekends. Trust me doctors are hardworking folks.

The soft spoken one I was made to sit with… the curious, intelligent, artist and gem of a person who knows how to throw a punch.

College buddies are the interesting ones… one of them recently learned to speak swear words. From first semester up until now still stuck with each other.

Some friends are spread across countries.. I see the world through their eyes.

Then comes office… These are the recent ones… It’s difficult to find friends in the corporate environment but I have found a few lively ones. Some have superpowers to handle the storm in home and still show up smiling in office daily, some fought all odds to earn their place, some show me the mirror whenever I am wrong and care for me whenever in need, some are the untamed ones who chase don’t separate personal and professional, some carry small hands but have a big heart, some are young but show maturity in their thoughts, some are experienced ones who share their fair share of wisdom..

Friends are in constant touch with each other but some of the best ones aren’t meant for words, text, tweets or likes they are the ones you respect, fight or kill for..This friendship day is for those ones we miss dearly but don’t have ways to express!

Happy Friendship day and hope you see a friend in me as I try to be yours..
And let me know if you agree or disagree with my version of friends.

Mahendra Kumar