Mahendra kumar I lie down beneath the vastness of this infinte sky. I get up and practice meditation and take a walk around, enjoy my breakfast. After a few hours I notice a silverish object on my table. This is perhaps the most powerful device humans ever made… a laptop connected to the internet. The moment I turn it on, I am least that’s what the millennials think… But fortunately enough I prefer to be in radio silence whenever possible and to do life conversations with real people rather than an image on the screen. That reminds me of the recent trip I went on with six others. And for several days I didn’t checked emails, attended meetings, or for people who know me well… I didn’t wrote a single line of code during the entire trip. We had a time of our lives!

Especially in times of lockdown the words borrowed from the US declaration of Independence ..Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is at stake.. here is a quote from a recent book I read.. “The Grand esential to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love and something to hope for” – Washington Burnap

And for now.. Enjoy!

Mahendra kumar in Haridwar
All started with an early morning dip in the river Ganga and then leaving for Rishikesh!


Rishikesh – Connecting East and the West of the Yogic world!


River Ganga
Was about to go jump in the river Ganga after receiving a bug from QA… Got saved by Ms Ionic Stackoverflow!


After attending the biggest rain dance party ever at an International Border we were getting serious about closing the border finally!


After all…we cannot leave the doors to our great nation open!


In peace with thyself, in trance..I couldn’t stop looking at this heavenly abode!


A night walk around Darbar sahib is a must. We were clocking almost 10kms walk every single day!


We had to take power naps in between! Office ki aadat jo hai


Ready to rock Delhi’s party hub!


Raat k 12 baje..aisay hi dikhte hai log!


We were from the Hungry clan here.. Couldn’t stop eating all night long!


The number of TikTokers we saw here.. We were lucky to have left the place without appearing in any prank videos!

And to my friends who went on this trip. A few words for you guys in a language you would understand.

For a few days we were in the same Virtual Private Cloud exploring the UX and UI of the world from our mobile viewport experiencing the heavenly plugins we all need from time to time to keep our builds stable meanwhile keeping a stock of our lives in moments not in Google sheet!

Life is not a problem to be solved. Just remember to have something that keeps you busy doing what you love while being surrounded by the people who love you!  Follow your ikigai
– Excerpts from the book- IKIGAI-the Japanses Secret to a Long and Happy Life

Thanks for reading.. Your feedback is most welcome.

Mahendra Kumar
Pic Credits – Everyone on the trip 🙂