I don’t remember when I was the last time I was surprised to see anyone or anything which blew my mind. With numerous ways to communicate, plan and organise things..every small things is manageable these-days but some tit-bits make your life interesting and real fun starts when the actual planning fails and destiny plays the game called life!

When you forget your umbrella and God was in the mood of gardening..
When you miss your friend’s wedding and end up adding one more member in the gang!
When you planned a business trip but eventually did a reunion!

When you plan….

Something and the whole universe turns up against you.

In life, you can plan a whole lot of things and for a lot of things… sometimes they turn up well and sometimes a disaster but the real kick is in planning to be unique, distinct and out of the world every single day..

So, Surprise your friends, family, do random things, travel random places, try new food ( I did and it was delicious), love everyone and don’t forget to surprise your parents!

Given a long weekend ahead.. Stay Insane, you are the best version of yourself and safe travels.

PS: I have got surprise for ya!

Mahendra Kumar