About Mahi

Son, brother, friend, writer, drone pilot, yoga enthusiast and the citizen of the world. + the IT guy.

Who am I

As a computer science enthusiast I have been intrigued by this magical device since I was in grade one. I have enjoyed writing programs in LOGO, BASIC, wordstar and then windows. Throughout my childhood I have been closely involved with computers.

I studied C,C++ in school and then during my bachelors I studied other major programming languages and Software basics. And in professional life spanning eight years now I have worked in Javascript, Angular, Node Js and Ionic. Currently I work with unitX (Saudi Arabia based Company working in the field of AI and Machine Learning). https://www.unitx.io

As my résumé indicates, my background is in web development and some experience in Cloud computing primarily in Google cloud. I have extensive experience in working with clients all over all the world ranging from Military, Fin-tech and Education sector.

While making sense of the world via zeros and ones.... I also have a tendency to go out, walk, run, jog and do Yoga.

Ethics, passion, knowledge, virtues, family and a few insanely normal friends rule my life.