I used to boast that after revolving around thirty times around the Sun I have heard, seen and read a whole lot of stories worth remembering but then a friend of mine told me about her grandparents which left a lasting Impression. In the year 1920 someone travelled hundreds of mile to get a custom made  ring in a faraway place with the names of his partner and himself in a language no other relative could understand so that they could be forever together. Now this could be a normal thing to do in the western hemisphere but in India this is by far the cutest love story I know.

People talk, shout, share, mumur, wishper a lot of non-sense given the platform they have at avail but in all this mind freaking words sometimes a gesture, smile, an act, a picture or a song creates a memory. I have a whole lot them..

Getting a chalk as a gift for scoring well in second grade;
Saying Good bye to my father when he dropped me off in a new city to pursue my degree;
My sister on her wedding day;
listening to ek Onkar from the movie Rang De Basanti;
Meeting my niece for the first time;
Sharing Sheetal Kulfi with friends;
Landing on a foreign soil;
Taking a dip in the Holy Kumbha Mela;
Kiss from my ever smiling mom when I saw her for the very last time;
Visiting the Golden Temple;
Dancing at friend’s wedding;

And this Video as well

And the list continues to grow…

There are a lot things to focus on in the present.. to live for, to smile about and to write stories on but you still choose to be anxious about the future.

Bring back history for a bit; take a break.. think about the long list of memories which created a lasting impression in your life. There is no point in reminiscing the past but for sure it can bring up a much needed smile.

This.. I got from my teacher cum brother around 18-20 years back. It has a small quote but has a whole lot of meaning to it. And in the end.. whenever you meet your friends, family, loved ones after the lockdowns are over try to create an Impression which lasts forever like the ring I told you about.

Mahendra Kumar

PS: I guess the title came in my mind from a painting in my home when I was a kid. It had a huge house build in the center of a farm. Looking forward to building one.