One of the last thing I would like to see in this world is to see tears in eyes. Doesn’t matter if I know that person or not. And if by any chance, I know that person then I would move heaven and earth to make that person smile. Simple logic if I can’t make anyone smile then I would rather not make anyone cry but soon enough I realized that sometime people cry out of happiness too.

Crying shows us that doesn’t matter show tough you are from outside you are still a human from inside. I have seen many people crying out of happiness and believe me that’s one of the best things in world to see. Pure bliss!

So today I ask you to cry the hell out and make yourself happy. Life is beautiful when you know that someone is happy and you are one of the reasons 🙂

tears of joy


PS: doesn’t matter how worse the situation there is at least one reason to smile. I know my reason to smile all the time. It’s time you find yours.