There is an old saying that the “answer is in the question itself”; Now that’s freaking insane when you are 12 year old and you have got a mathematics problem to solve and your mind is thinking about this quote. There is no way in hell that the answer lies between this algebraic equation.



Now why people would believe in this quote if it’s wrong? I was thinking about this today. The context wasn’t mathematics but more of a real world type. I was just wondering about the decisions people make and the consequences of those decisions. Some time they rejoice sometimes they remorse. Now, the real world question is how to find an optimal solution for a problem…. in real world scenario- how to make the best possible decision?
well, it depends how do you define “the best possible decision”. For me it’s the decision that you are willing to die for, the decision you totally immerse yourself and the decision when made results won’t matter. This is my personal view though. It’s the same reason people drive fast, they very well know that it’s dangerous, they may die in an accident but it’s the shear pleasure of driving and experiencing the thrill that you still drive fast regardless of the consequences. Now that’s a perfect decision…. a decision which makes the process a shear pleasure.

Mahendra Kumar

Same with journey, If the landscape is awesome you don’t care about the destination.

Now coming back to mathematics the answer does lies within…how??  well in algebra the process is the key. If you concentrate on the steps (process) you will definitely get the answer.

Mahendra Kumar