Aug 28

If I could be you for one day..

That’s a difficult question to answer…isn’t it? Perhaps I could be Bagheera for a day 🙂 Considering my friends are from varied fields it’s quite difficult to choose between them. […]

Jun 17

Of course I am

Of course I am an idiot, stupid, jealous, liar, angry, fool,egoistic,  lazy and late sometimes.. I too have prejudice about people I meet and I also suffer from over confidence […]

Dec 01

Answer lies within

There is an old saying that the “answer is in the question itself”; Now that’s freaking insane when you are 12 year old and you have got a mathematics problem […]

Jul 31


Sunday!  damn…… I have been waiting for this day. Ever since I have joined an office for some part time work. I look forward Sundays more eagerly then I used […]