I have been living in Indore for the last four years but haven’t visited one of the most sacred places in India given the fact that it’s just 43 miles from here. In our religion there is a saying that until and unless the supreme power calls you, you can’t visit his place. That’s very true… at least I believe that. It happened twice with me. People plan throughout their life but never get time to visit these places. And I got chances out of no where.

So, Here I am in the holy land of river Narmada.


Narmada is the most respected river in the western part of India and probably one of the least polluted too. Beside the bank of river Narmada there is the temple of Lord Shiva constructed  centuries ago. History is amazing!!!!! I like it Winking smile

We were here to immerse the idol of Lord Ganesha (Son of lord Shiva). After week long celebration it was the time to say good bye to ganeshji.



This was my visit here I enjoyed every moment of it, the road to omakareshwar is as amazing as the destination itself. Passing through the valley of Vindhya Range the scenery is breath taking and sensational!


Recently I have started dancing but I didn’t participated in this act as it involves throwing of gulal (color in powder form) and by default my nose is highly sensitive to it. By the way, I can even smell the essence of the delicious food in you plate right now…. superpower!


I am still safe in the background! some has to choreograph everything……..right?



Time for rest! After a lot of dance and prayers the entire group took refuge among the ancient temples…


Wow! some one is taking a picture… that’s a very rare thing for me, given the fact that my face isn’t photogenic at all.



Everyone was busy praying while I was searching for GOD!  Damn… where is the idol and why it’s locked???   Guess the god lies within ourselves so we greet each other with “Namaste”.


Ancient temple built centuries ago!



While I was looking straight at the camera. Some of them found enough time to look somewhere else!  guys…… this is a sacred place remember????


Me and my buddy Rahul, we are from the same town “BOKARO STEEL CITY” and probably the steel bar behind us was from our city too. Steel runs in our blood ! Winking smile


Khalil Ahmed, one of the latest addicts of facebook!  Totally immersed in spirituality!



I love mountains, every place I have been living until now, definitely has a mountain within 10 km radius.  This river is a tributary of river Narmada. A well known picnic spot!


Journey was long but I enjoyed every moment of it and thank god, I finally found you!  Inner peace!

Doesn’t matter which place you visit, if it is related to god, doesn’t matter church, temple, fire temple, gurudwara, or Mosque there is one thing common everywhere…… Inner peace, the stillness you feel in your heart!

May god bless everyone!