The above words are not exactly mine but still it’s very apt for India.  Practically, we have more holidays than any other country. Should I be proud of it???  well…. 80% yes and 20% no.  We are in this planet to live life with excitement and fun not to keep worrying about past, present and future. However sometimes it gets over the head, important works get delayed because of so many holidays.


By the way, who said we need to have special festivals all the time? every single day should be celebrated as YOU ARE ALIVE!  Not every one is lucky today!

So, here I am celebrating my day. 



It was very difficult for me to wake up in morning as my system turned off around 01:37 am but still I was up pretty soon. But the monsoon didn’t allowed me to step out. Sad smile  However I did one great thing, I climbed up to the terrace of my hostel. Well, I have to get double PhD in english to explain it completely but I can tell you one thing, early morning breeze……. combined with a bit of rain and mist, it’s soul refreshing!  Technically I hate getting up early in the morning (typical computer engineer habit) but since I don’t want to be a so called geek or nerd. I can make a few changes!

So hereby, I promise that I will not follow MST (mahendra standard time – sunrise- 10:00 am , bedtime- 03:00 am) anymore. 

Four years back I was in travelling to a nearby place in my hometown in a bus and it was passing through a mountain valley…  Morning+mountain+ mist and +MAHENDRA…. I can’t write it down, it’s somewhere inside……… I almost forgot that incident but thanks to my new friend it’s back in my hard disk!

Thank you!