Inspired by one of my new friends I have started to think different……………. really different.  I read a blog day before yesterday and it featured the entire routine of the day. That’s cool…… I want to try it myself. If you still don’t believe me then look for a watch, it’s 06:27 am now and I am up from the bed, normal Mahendra would have been done it at around 10-11 am.


1. Breakfast : very important! can’t do anything without feeling something in my stomach.

morning breakfast

2. Next, comes up the preparation for the companies. I should try my hands on a few! who cares I don’t wanna work in a company, a job offer would be a handy thing to keep.

3. Washing clothes:  yeah! sometimes computer guys do this kind of things too… not a big deal!

4. Will post further information later in the day!



wired magazine office







Seems like my room?  Naah! it’s from wired magazine, however I would definitely love to  work with this kind of setup.

Bye for now!