“Nobody in our world would even have a job if it weren’t for out teachers. They are the smartest people in the world. They could work for any organization or major corporation, and yet they decide to teach us what we need to know so we can walk out of the school building each day educated, equipped and fired up to make our dreams come true. To all educators everywhere, thanks for being teachers.”

extracts from- puppies for sale by Dan Clark


In India, teacher’s day is celebrated every year on 5th of September, the day marks the birthday of India’s second president Dr S. Radhakrishnan.

When I was a kid, teacher’s day meant a break from normal routine and a whole lot of speeches, dances and dramas. I never actually participated in any of these events. I believed that respecting teachers not only in class but also outside the class is the best way to show gratitude towards them. Being an introvert, I never had much interaction with my teachers, forget teachers I rarely had friends… !

Today I miss my school days more than anything. My teachers may not recognize me now but I can’t forget anyone. Whatever good I am today that’s only because of them. One day I will venture out and meet all my teachers, doesn’t matter where you are I WILL FIND THEM!





                                                               My first teacher in this planet!-  Mrs S. Mohanty