the day before yesterday I made a point that I will wake up early in the morning, everyday. My watch said it was 04:52 am when I woke up today. I finally accomplished my goal and that too without any alarm. I guess, my body has got a new BIOS ( in computer terms- it is the small part of the motherboard which keeps tracks of time and input/output system).

Planning to move out ASAP! I am ready, my bike is ready, lets hit the road.

09:32 am-

There was a  slight change of plan, in place of riding my bike, I met jitendra, another hostel mate, watching cricket in the morning. I asked for company and he politely accepted. We hiked for around 10 kms.  And to my surprise we visited a nearby place which I never saw before. It was a place surrounded by a lot of nurseries and gardens. What a morning!

Would love to visit again!



good morning!


This is what I got in the morning!