I have been a airline pilot for quite a long time now. Records show that I landed an airplane for more than 300 times. I have tried my hands of all kinds of planes from small Cessna 172  to Boing 747 jumbo jet.



I travelled to all major airports  ( JFK, Hethrow, alaska, sydney, New Delhi, Paris etc… ) amazing isn’t it???

But I always wanted to fly military aircrafts and after watching transformers and other movie I was desperate….

At last here I am flying the most advanced air planes on this planet. I always wanted to be in air force but my eye glasses shattered my dreams! However in my world nothing is impossible. Mahendra can do anything.


C117 globemaster-  Giant aircraft used mainly for army logistics. capable of landing and taking off from short runways. Currently used by US air force, RAF (royal british air force), NATO and India Air Force.  C117 played a vital role in humanitarian mission in flood relief and earthquake relief operation in China, India and Japan by the Indian Air Force.

I enjoyed flying this giant, however the landing part was very difficult……… it’s quite big!


F 35:  Operated by US Air Force, this particular plane is a nightmare for enemy troops. Capable of flying day/night and carrying nuclear war head it is one of the most advanced plane on this planet.

Flying this plane was amazing, the advanced controls, the speed and responsiveness of this plane is awesome! It’s a masterpiece.


SR71 blackbird:  A war veteran, this plane is out of service now but still the crown jewel of USAF. Used primarily by CIA for covert action and intelligence gathering during cold war.

Flying this plane can’t be compared to any other plane. this plane doesn’t have any flaps to slow it down. And to land this bird, I used area 51 runway as it is one of the longest runways in the world.  I had to use parachute to stop this…… very tough to slow it down!

Now, before you start thinking that I am drunk and did everything in my dreams!  Nope… Everything mentioned above is a fact. I carried out all the operations in perfectly good condition and I was awake all the time…. BUT EVERYTHING HAPPENED IN A FLIGHT SIMULATOR. (microsoft flight simulator)

YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME???   Here is the proof.

flight simulator award


Now before you go insane…. good bye! and next time you have flight trouble call me. Winking smile