It was for the first time I was watching Mark Zuckerbeg LIVE. This is the guy who changed our life on the web. And no doubt he was the youngest billionaire to make his way up to the Forbes list. I really wanted to see this guy and that too live…..

So here I was, watching the Livestream of the keynote address by Mark.




He was indeed very cool. By the way introduction featured Jesse Eisenberg who played Mark Zuckerberg in the movie”The social Network”. He added comic flavor to the presentation. He was good, really good! and movie was great too. I watched it nearly 10 times.

Back on subject!

Facebook developer conference 2011 marked a new era for facebook as it introduced two new technologies..

1. Timeline

2. Open graph

Timeline:     Timeline is like a short story about your own life.

  • what kind of music you like?
  • What kind of movies you watch?
  • Places you have been to.
  • Pictures
  • Posts

In a single page. It’s currently in beta stage and available only for developers.

Watch the video on the link , to know more


Open graph: It’s the live ticker which keeps showing up the latest activity of your friends.








Common facebook, I don’t want to sit all day long in front on my computer watching what my friends are doing. I have work to do and for heaven sake what’s the meaning of being invisible from chat if everyone can see what I am doing on facebook.?

I was simultaneously watching Mark’s presentation and commenting on it. And for the record, facebook folks slowed down my comments after 10+ posts! but when they realized that I was making genuine points and not spamming them, they finally restored my speed!

The only reason I use facebook is to stay connected with my friends not to live with them all day long! The home page is now crammed up with a whole lot of apps, tickers, notifications…. oh my god!

I am seriously considering google+ now! It’s more clean………… Google recently made it public and I have started modifying my information on google+.

my google plus profile

– Entirely personal reviews by Mahendra . Please comment about what do you think about the changes on Fb.