Hey folks!  very happy to see you here.  Today something happened to me which left me in confusion.  A few days back I started waking up early in the morning but it turned out to be a shocking event for my friends and family.  I mean, who get 23 comments and 11 facebook likes just for waking up in the morning?

So here I am going back to basics… I didn’t slept last night, not at all. And went for a morning walk straight away. Had my breakfast and went straight to bed…………. So I was confused whether to say good morning or good night to everyone??

I know it’s kind of weird but I am an engineer and I do like to experiment. And What I learned from this is…     Never try this in your life, never means NEVER.

Entire day I was like sleeping all the time. 5 minutes in the couch, 5 minutes in the chair, 5 minutes during lunch…  However it was worth experimenting and the experience was quite unique!

best wishes and sleep well!