In the world,

  • where people are fighting for their rights,
  • countries are struggling to keep their economy running,
  • Where companies are busy selling products which people don’t even need,
  • where banks are the headquarters of scam and corruption,
  • political parties are busy endorsing their agenda which is no where related to general welfare,
  • where people have more virtual friends compared to real ones,
  • where the price of laptops, cell phones are declining while food prices are on a record high,
  • where environment protection is just a chapter in text book, not a real movement,
  • where people are restricted to travel in their own planet,
  • where currency, not character decides your future…………

There are still a few HUMANS left on this god forsaken planet…………

  • They always look for the brighter side of the picture that too in complete darkness,
  • Comfort is never a priority for them,
  • Every one opts for a flight, they prefer walking,
  • Every one moves towards concrete jungle, they are busy traversing the real forests,
  • for them, internet is not a necessity, just a medium to stay connected,
  • Material comfort is never on their list,
  • for them, mental balance is more important than bank balance,

You might have heard about them in stories, history books or in newspapers but I was lucky to have met one!

People call them INSANE, I call them INSANELY NORMAL!