“Sometimes your entire life boils down to one insane move”  these are the lines from one of my favorite movies (Avatar). And I guess it’s time for me to make my move. I have been struggling with a lot a decisions I made throughout my life. Which subjects I should take up for higher studies?which college I should choose? what kind of place I should live in? which computer language I should learn? etc etc ….

I have fighting with confusions all my life. And confusions are increasing day by day.. latest one- “I should use Google+ or facebook?”

I think I made my life more and more complex than it was in my school years.  Today I have decided to sort things up. trying to make up a single chart to select out the most important things to do and leave the un important/ junk out. The task is huge and it would take a lot of time but it’s worth doing. Simply, I can’t live in two parallel universes, gotta choose one!

This time is very important in my career, either I will make it or break it.

Whenever I try to recollect my memories, I always find myself in the middle of two paths going in different directions. I have learned from the movie Harry potter that ,it’s the decision we make, decides our destiny. Let’s see where my decision takes me.


By the way, In Alchemist there is a saying that “ butterflies are a good omen” and my god, I have been seeing a lot of butterflies these days!