I was just recovering from my trip to Mumbai when I got the confirmation from Microsoft, yeah THE MICROSOFT. The largest software company in the whole world. I submitted an idea for a windows 8 App which was selected for the largest App fest in the world. In fact Microsoft is attempting for a Guinness world  record. If successful I will also get a certificate for that too 🙂

Day 1: 10:30 am I left my home in Indore for Bhopal from where I had to catch a train to Bangalore. I have been to Bhopal before but not via a Car. I preferred trains more than anything else. But since the time didn’t allowed me to take to train I took a cab this time. And It turned out to be a great ride. The road was scenic and awesome. Newly constructed and well maintained. It took me around 4 hours to reach Bhopal. I had to wait for an hour so I decided to have Dhosa for lunch. And damn it was the most horrible dhosa I ever had.

Day 2: Traveling my train can be discomforting but when the train is one of the superfast zipping across countryside with very few stoppages it was more than I asked for. When I woke in the morning I was amazed to see the eastern ghats ( mountain range running through the eastern coastal side of India). I was reading a novel (Digital fortress by Dan Brown) but concentrating on the book was very difficult as the landscape was nectar for eyes.

Digital fortress review

Bangalore is an awesome city, last time I came here it wasn’t different from any other city but this time it was hard for me to decide whether I am in India or some other country flyovers every where. Green and clean, no wonder it’s called the garden city of India. For IT freaks it’s heaven as almost all major companies have office here. And the offices are not just good they are the best offices across the country.

Today, is Ganesh Chaturthi, the birthday of Lord Ganesha. I woke up by the chanting of mantras.. soothing! Planning to visit my friends. Lets see how the day goes! Hoping for the best.
Best wishes, may lord Ganesha brings you happiness and Luck.