I have been thinking about joining Yoga classes for a long time now… I got to attend a few classes earlier. Officially my first Yoga class dates back to August 2011, I attended the class of Jiaranai Aroka. Then again in January 2012 my Aunt, Anna Christianne took my Yoga class and both of the classes were awesome…Open-mouthed smile  I slept like a baby..no strains, no sprains.. no muscle aches… nothing. 

Now that was in the past…..

These days……

I have been writing contents of the website and blogs which require knowledge and Understanding of yoga however I managed it well as I got a lot of help from experts in this subject matter. I do have a large collection of e-books and other reference materials which I refer most of the time.

But recently I was commenting on a article which was related to Yoga and then my AmeriMama said that you can’t  analyse yoga articles TECHNICALLY, the real meaning is actually a lot deeper and different. And she was right about that.Therefore I thought that in order to write my articles in a better way and with more REALITY in it I need to experience everything myself. So here I am waking up early in the morning…. first studying computer subjects and then preparing for my Yoga Practice.

I attended a class yesterday…. It was awesome, I was guided by not one but several teachers each of them experts in their own way. I did SuryaNamaskar (Sun Salutation), Marjari Pose (Cat pose), Anulom Vilom, Trikonasana and several other Asanas.

The experience forced me to attend it again BUT………  it isn’t easy  Fingers crossed I do have a strain in my back hopefully it will be fine when I will practice regularly.  

Wish me luck!