There is a phase in everyone’s life when everything seems perfect.  perhaps, I would regard September 2012 as one of the most eventful month in my life. I traveled a lot, worked hard and did a lot of things which I never thought of.  Also made a few new friends and missed several others. I had the best family time both in Mumbai and in Bangalore. My brothers and sister are super awesome.

Mahendra kumar's  visit to mumbai
The coolest brothers and sister one can have.
One of the most memorable event of my life.

Sometimes it strikes my mind that do I really have a lot of friends or they are just a number on facebook or perhaps I am taking facebook rather very seriously. It grew to have a billion user now but I don’t now many of them actually are REAL FRIENDS to each other or just a number.

Well, I believe that it’s my job to remember my friends whatsoever, whether they remember me or not doesn’t matter. May be someday I will have 288 really close friend and one very very close friend.