Sometimes destiny just lays down the map in front of you and asks you where do you want to go?? but since you were too busy figuring out the details on google maps, wikipedia and lonely planet ………….destiny says; perhaps another day!

I have met hundreds of travelers, globe trotters and one of the most important thing I learned is the fact that it’s not the pictures you took with your digital camera, it’s about how much picture you took with the most powerful camera in the world…your eyes. It’s not how much songs you stored in your Ipod, it’s about how many songs you actually sang. It’s not about how much videos you stored in your hard drive, it’s about how much memories you have in the largest hard drive of the world….your mind.

Now, I had enough of homework….time to start doing the practical myself. Planning the most incredible journey of my life. It’s time, I fly!

PS: I never forget anyone!