Before making any points I would like to make sure that no one gets too serious about it. I am not a doctor, psychologist, teacher, nutritionist or a dietitian; I am just a normal IT guy.

Recently I had my first kiwi ( oh god! thank you Elena) and my first soy milk ( thank you Ramnik ji) and then a thought came to my mind. The kiwi and the soy milk didn’t just satisfied my stomach but it satisfied the hell out of me. It was so delicious that I would spent all my savings on just Kiwis.

nutrition for the brain
No matter how disgusting it may look. As long as my brain gets all the nutrients… I don’t care!


The point is; sometimes you can eat a whole lot of stuff but you still feel that something was missing on the contrary you eat something in a very small quantity but you feel like the thirst from eternity just ended. Now that’s what I call nutrition for the brain.

It doesn’t necessarily means food but anything can be the best nutrition your brain ever had. Maybe..

  • a small bike ride in the rain
  • a short game of cricket
  • soccer with childhood friends
  • watching a very old classic movie all over again
  • dance with your loved ones
  • getting compliments from your teachers
  • finishing up a long due task
  • watching a kid smile
  • watching  a kid dance
  • feeling the wind blowing through the window
  • zooming across the highway in top speed

And perhaps a lot more than that.. Thats just my list you can add yours in the comment section.

And when nothing works meditation is the booster dose you need fellas!

Mahendra Kumar