We all are have friends.. at least most of us! Some have a very few and some have hundreds. Friendship is the only relation which is we create and which do not depend on which family we were born in. However I am not here to define friendship for that you can watch movies, read books and sing songs…

I am here to just share my thoughts about what I learned today….

I believe that in the beginning we consider everyone one as our friends and slowly and slowly we trim our list; that’s completely fine. We accept friend’s request from strangers and then start talking to them and we come to know that he/she is nothing but an idiot. We drop him/ her off  the list. And seriously; if someone removes you from their friend’s list..oh my god; that’s virtual murder.

In short we play the game of “innocent until proven guilty”.

But then here is something my elder brother Navin Bhaiya told me when I was leaving home for college. He told me not to start talking to everyone on the very first day; observe everyone first and then make friends. It’s not that you are never going to talk to anyone but it’s always better to know at least something about the other person before hand.

Now why I am saying this now on my post?? Just because it takes time, effort and lot of commitment to make friends and when the friends separate everything goes in vain.

I am blessed with only a few friends but I can proudly say that there is not even a single day I am not proud of them. It’s not that we talk, chat everyday it’s never necessary but we know that we are there for each other anytime, anywhere.

Facebook says I have around 380 friends of which around 20 are online all the time but thats just a false truth. The friend is someone who says WHEN not WHY? when you need them.

This thought came in my mind when one of my so called acquaintances lied straight on my face with full confidence 🙂 Thank god I don’t have many friends I would have been watching Big bang theory right now just to cheer myself 😛

PS: I am proud to have friends from all over the world even prouder of the people I truly know. You all have administrative privileges over me..

Dedicated to all my friends..with whom I  celebrate friendship day everyday!