I know the moment I say doctor, it brings smile on your face,
And it just lightens up the moment and brings grace.

I know the moment I say Colombo , it bring back memories of our dear friend Gordita,
However I always get a kick of myself by calling myself Gordo and everyone else mamasita.

I know the moment I say coffee, milk or wheat,
it reminds us of Crystal, the person so pure, gentle and sweet.

I know the moment I say Ajanta, it brings us back to the our journey filled with excitement and fun,
But the mountain was cool too and we did saw the magical effects of the clouds and the sun.

I know when I say kiwi, it reminds me of the first time I tasted it. It was nothing short of a delight,
But you also know about the kiwi of whom I can’t miss a sight.

I know when I say kadduu, it reminds you of the sweetest thing in the world especially when she started to walk,
However it also remind me of my own stories and how much I talk.

I know when I say kulfi it reminds you of the days we ran out in the afternoon,
But epic was the day when Divya took us for a special food trip and there was no coming back soon.

I know when you shut the hell out of a person who asked me to turn off my phone,
I will get a kick out of it every time I fly alone.    ( I loved it )

There have been days which were hard and dark. But you made sure I won’t burn my stuff every time to light things up. Oh god that was a busy morning!…For the six months you were here you made sure every single soul sleeps well… Even the tiny shanti in your room.

I cannot say that you’re perfect because of course you cannot jump, your balance is terrible, you slip all the time and you cannot drive a motorbike…
But what I can say from the bottom of my bottom less pit is that you are one of a kind. Perhaps God stopped making more.

So here I am giving you not a promise but my word… that Mahendra will always be there whenever and wherever you ask for or need; for you are not just my friend and sister but…. my only best friend who can pull my ear 😛  Yup best friend indeed. Add me on the list 😛

You should know that for six months you were always there for me.. you listened all my stories, all my jokes, literally whatever came out of my mind and the word “whatever” too for once 🙂 and you traveled with me, we watched movies together 🙂  you made me cry watching movies and laugh listening to my own burps… it is biggest thing anyone can do for me and I literally don’t have any hindi or english words for this.

PS: don’t you dare cry after reading this or else I will write about the hair on your legs 😛 must have grown bigger by now….hahahaha

keep smiling, stay healthy and keep traveling… and see you soon..you have my word 🙂

Note: for everyone else reading this- this is completely non-fictional and entirely based on true story. The cast is in fact perfectly healthy and has already finished reading this.