“I envy you” is the best compliment I can give to anyone except “you look beautiful / awesome” always works 🙂   Anyways jokes apart… why being envy can’t be a compliment? Back in the year I was watching a movie in which there was a dialogue which goes something like this ” a wise person learns more from his enemy than a fool from his friends”  It’s always nice to have a healthy but tough competition in everything. What I really wanna say that if you are envy of someone then make he/ she is the best in whatever they do. If you a swimmer then better be envy of Michael Phelps not the other swimmer in the pool.  If you are a Soccer player that better be envy of Lionel Messi than other guy you play with. So technically find someone who is worth of your envy and it will turn out to be a positive thing to do. PS: Of all the friends, writers, doctors, divers, chefs, athletes, computer engineers, teachers, diplomats etc, I ENVY YOU! Mahi   Hope the child in everyone never dies..stay healthy and stay pure. Adios Amigos / Amigas!