No one remembers an eventful day forever but in case of an eventful month, I don’t think anyone can forget that. Last month has been so exciting and exhausting that I have forgotten myself,  I started out as an computer science engineer and turned out to be……………………..   no, not so quick!

I heard somewhere that a single picture can speak more than a million words, so let the pictures do the talking.


First week, A group of foreign students arrive for yoga course in the institute. Most of the names I didn’t knew at that time and I don’t think anyone would have known my name…………. I hate formal introductions by the way. People should be known through their work not by their names.


Everyone missed me so much that they took this picture just for me………………..  oops!    not exactly!                                  I usually spend my Sunday sleeping…………..  I know it’s a very bad habit  but hey, everyone is welcome to click a picture of mine while sleeping,I wont mind! but you got to say “cheese” before clicking.


Now this is very bad!……….should have invited me. I am the best paratha (chapati with butter on it) eater in this planet. But never mind my stomach and the washroom had frequent meetings that day so I was very busy!  You see, I work a lot.

Around 15th of august I began to know them personally………and facebook did helped!  good job Mr zuckerberg


Now, the first thing I knew about this particular living organism or you can say a form of carbon compounds…. damn my chemistry is very weak,   was her Ipod.  Later on she turned out to be a professor and a chef.

AMANDA, I would come all the way to America to eat that paasta again…would always remember my first paasta party! Would try to follow your advice on my diet.


Well, as you can imagine… it wasn’t hard to memorize her name…… hey,wait a sec, her name is somewhat Indian therefore it was easy. Here we have, the ever smiling and very soft spoken…… ANITA.  Later turned out to be an excellent dancer.Knows five different languages, traveled to most of the continents and I never actually saw her in a bad mood except for once!


I never got a chance to interact with her well until recently.

Amazingly talented and a globetrotter, she can speak in several accents. It was like watching several Hollywood movies in a few minutes. your comic sense is awesome BLYTHE!


Unfortunately,I first thing I knew about her was her missing luggage!  Damn the airline company!

Here we have the music composer of the year, singer of the year, and the best dancer of the year.  And she is the one who asked me to try out some musical instruments. JESSIE, when everyone was out for patalpani , we (myself+ few students) had a rock concert in the ashram. Our music band sucked big time but we are learning………Smile


As per my memory I had a chat with your laptop before yourself ( was about connecting the laptop to the wifi)… see, having good computing skills in place of communication skills helps sometime!

Practically, English words aren’t enough to explain the kind of person JIARANAI is, may be some thai will help.Winking smile        She is one of the most kind hearted women I have ever met. I never saw her sad about anything, always cheering up and highly attentive in class. Learned to take notes in small pieces of paper. Very effective for studies. And the best thing, she is one responsible for the smile which is now returning on my face.Winking smileWinking smile


OOPS!  You need to turn your monitor upside down….  Because here we have LAUREL.  And before you speak anything let me warn you, she understands hindi  but “thoda thoda”. One of the bravest girl I have ever seen and let me tell you why? Even if some one points a gun on my head, I wouldn’t travel 800 kilometers on foot….. never! but she did. Very inspiring!


Maaahendraaaa, yeah that’s what she called me the first time when we had a chat! and she still calls me with the same name. She is one of the most spontaneous and highly active lady I ever got a chance to meet. Knows four different  languages, will be getting her PhD very soon.  Here we have a german who can speak thank you in hindi “ dhanybaad”.

MARIA! for suggesting me to go for higher studies….


If everything happens well….. you would probably see her in the London olympics. She has a very soothing voice and a very impressive personality. Every single time I open a book, I remember the amount of devotion and concentration she has while reading and taking notes. If I score well in exams credits goes to you too RADKA!


Here is my buddy! SETH, very simple and soft spoken. You and your girlfriend make a very cute couple! And hey, you dance very well…. surprising but true. will send you the video in a few days!


Internet! is it working? This used to be the most frequently asked question in the beginning but now it’s TRUE BLOOD. Genuine, and confident! SARAH you will surely find a nice facebook pic in near future. Smile   by the way, this one is good too.


Not a yoga student rather an expert media personality. Highly talented but short- tempered and please don’t try to kill me after watching this. It’s always fun writing “bhoot “on facebook! Winking smile

So, now you know why I had an amazing month. I made a lot of friends and learned a lot of things which I am not going to forget in my entire life. It was a great experience! and I would cherish this forever. So, Here I am a transformed and highly ambitious…..  MAHENDRA

I love my country very much and this is the reason I did every possible thing to make your stay a comfortable and memorable one. I can’t let anyone to have problems in my nation not at least related to computers. And if I did something wrong I am sorry for that.  Best wishes and congratulations on successful completion of your course.

Happy journey!

P.S : Would love to meet everyone again.. you are always welcome in my country!