Looking forward I see you in the vibrant country of Malaysia,
For Canada will always be home, but there is no place unlike Asia.

Looking forward I see you in pink of health,of not just yours but of everyone you know,
even god comes second in terms of blessings you shower like snow.

Looking forward I see you in midst of smiles,
If not then I would ask Mia to chase you for miles.

Looking forward I see you traveling places doing yoga,
fighting diseases and helping people like super awesome Yoda.

Looking forward I see you with Colombo and Crystal playing cricket,
With me bowling and Mahesh behind the wicket.

And then someday I see you in Indiaaaa, together with Doctor ( of course whom do you hate so much :-P) doing road trips all around,
Lost together in the woodlands, ocean, deserts and the mountains with no WiFi to be found 🙂

To the person whose world moves around a bit differently with all my heart and soul I pray;  ” May god shower blessings, protects, takes care and fulfills all the wishes of every single person you know.”

PS: This is a desperate attempt to write a poem however all it means is to make sure my Guardian angel,sister, best friend stays forever happy, smiling and… (of course with hair free legs) 😛

Take care of yourself alright!