The beginning of the new year was quite interesting for me.  Well, technically we surpassed the fear of 21/12/2012.  My birthday was a full of surprises too.  Well, this is enough of blah blah.. right!

New year taught me to unlearn many things.  It’s said that in order to learn something new you need to unlearn the stuff you already know about. For example in order to clean up my digestive system I had to drink a lot of salt water, it cleared every single food particle present in my body ( this is called Shank Paschalan). After that it was a fresh beginning….

Same logic applies in the field of studies… in order to learn a new language ( computer or spoken) you need to forget whatever presumptions you had and whatever tit bits you knew.. You need to start from zero buddy!

My ways of organizing myself never actually worked…oops! Therefore I have decided to use all sorts of technology available in this field.  And my experience and research led me to the world of Google products. Google has several tools which are more than perfect for me.  However the first thing I started doing is waking up early.. very early.

1. Google Calendar: It provides you with an interface which is very powerful and highly customizable. And the best part. You will get notifications on your cell phone too.

2. Google Drive: It is one of the major players in the field of cloud computing.  I recently upgraded my Google drive to 100 GB. The search feature in that is awesome.

enough of nerdy stuff. Here is the picture which marks the beginning of the New Year.