Kids……………… oops this is how “How I met your mother” starts. My version is a bit different!

28 December, just a normal day in your calendar but for me it’s a bit special. Normally on this day everything is almost the same except the number of incoming calls and messages suddenly increase. I call it a normal day everyone else calls it my birthday!

I never celebrated by birthday… never felt like celebrating it. But I guess GOD didn’t wanted it that way. It was so far the best possible birthday celebration. Most of my friends managed to wish me on time. some wished me beforehand others forgot…… But “best “ isn’t the word to define it completely because on that very day someone landed in Indore…..

I didn’t met her on my birthday, not even the next day because she went to Ujjain. The first time I saw her was in my office, asking Shashikant about any work in which she can volunteer. As usual the shy version of “Mahendra” didn’t even say hi.

The next time I met her was in the market she was carrying some stuff. I did what I normally do. Asked if I can help? Forget the answer I just took it. But there was a small problem. She called me “Sherpa” (- expert mountain climbers who can carry a lot of luggage with them. Very well known in Nepal) Obviously I didn’t liked that, an engineer being called a Sherpa!!!  However I can’t see any woman carrying something heavy while I am walking empty handed ( just a small stuff everyone learns in school).  While walking to ashram I was almost silent, as expected ( when it comes to chatting with strangers I suck!!). So she started asking me about my name and what I have been doing and  in return I tried to guess her name. GUESS??  shocked?

Actually, the website I handle accepts the application in a certain form which is stored in a database and I sort out the applications. So, I do know all the names.

But the problem was.. how to pin point the exact name?? well I failed in that. I took it as a challenge! Later in the night, it nearly took a minute to find out. “Melissa Johnson”

The very next I completed the challenge. Then she asked me if she can help me in maintaining the blog and the website ( part of Karma yoga thing- very complicated stuff) . So we started working together and GOD! for the first time ever I worked with a lady who really understands computer, complete GEEK!  We laughed on each others jokes… seriously my jokes are not for normal persons!

Everything was awesome… and then enters “Paulo Coelho” ( the most famous writer of the world) Amazingly we both were the fans of Paulo Coelho and his book The Alchemist. and that was the spark!  I don’t remember the exact moment but I think She started calling me “SON” the same day.

Next day was terrible, apparently the sudden change in weather restricted her from moving out of her room.  Couldn’t do anything except waiting for her to regain her strength.

Next day I took her out in a motor cycle to buy a mini laptop. It was crazy.. fighting the ill managed traffic in Indore with an American beside you!  You got to be extra careful … extra extra extra careful!

Later that evening we finally purchased a nice mini laptop. And we had a great dinner at the Indian Coffee House with Erin. I think from that day onwards I never called her by her name. “mom”, perfectly suited her.

mahendra with his American mom

So for the next couple of day we worked together chatted a lot, went to Indian Coffee House several times…well we went there a lot. After a couple of days she went to GOA … days when I wasn’t able to do anything other than just waiting for my mom to return home. …

She returned after having a great time in Goa but the very next day she left Indore forever…. Sad smile

I haven’t seen my mom for quite a long time now, almost an year. And I have been living away from my family for the last four years and this was the first time I didn’t missed my home. For the first time I was without any stress as I knew there is someone who can take care of me. Whatever happens my mom is here. I don’t know when or how? but the thing I do know is that, I am definitely going to meet my mom again. Promise!

P.S:  Thank you god for the two most loving and caring moms ever!