Enjoy the little things


The first thing which happened this morning was the crash of my 1 TB hard disk and with it all my life worth of data.. all gone!  Imagine all the pictures from vacations, friends and computer programs, files all gone in a second. worse than hell.
As usual I try to sleep through my pain. The best mental remedy for situations like this. However the day got even worse when there was no whereabouts of my friend Brigida, who was somewhere in the Nepal where a massive earthquake had struck.  It is so emotional to see people going length and breadths of internet to find their friends and family and it did worked for many. In my case Google people finder confirmed a report of her being safe.  A big relief!  Heaven …

I also found out that a lot of companies are providing free calling services to Nepal to make sure everyone gets hold of their loved ones. The world united and sent their troops and medical teams for support. Such a huge gesture and a hell of a lot better than Yemen crisis.

I am still worried to look at my hard drive but there are a few ways to recover data (a very bleak and vague possibility) but if people can find missing persons on this wide and  vast internet then anything is possible.

Hope my friend reaches home well and my data gets restored.

Mahendra Kumar