There are certain moments in life when you are bound to be happy. Happiness is the most contagious thing in the world. When you are happy people around you are happy.

Well, the other day I was very happy about two things completely different from each other.
1. I got an offer to work with my American mom, well technically I don’t work in the field of computers.. I play with it and my American mom says “when someone gives you something, say thank you! – it’s an american way”. So here I say- THANK YOU MOM!

2. The second reason was a personal goal of mine which I achieved and I am damn proud of my self.

I have lived through times of great sorrow and darkness.. Mahendra was nothing! I am glad that those days are over and it’s time for the king. As my name means ” the Lord of the Kings”. I guess the king is back in his kingdom.