Nov 15

Back to basics!

I have been trying to control my mind to focus in one direction but failed…. But after watching a tv series “National geographic – Test your brain” I have learned […]

Nov 06


What will happen when I will run out of time????   This was the question I asked myself when I was watching the movie – SPY KIDS 4 All the time […]

Oct 29

I just need to keep moving ahead!

One of the most frequently asked question in todays world is – where are you heading towards??? or in other words what are your plans for the future?  These questions […]

Oct 23

Alone in a populated city!

I have been living in the city of Indore, Madhya Pradesh for the last four years. Made a lot of friends, traveled a lot of places and had  lots of […]

Oct 21


  “Sometimes your entire life boils down to one insane move”  these are the lines from one of my favorite movies (Avatar). And I guess it’s time for me to […]

Oct 18

Insanely normal

In the world, where people are fighting for their rights, countries are struggling to keep their economy running, Where companies are busy selling products which people don’t even need, where […]

Sep 13

mission accomplished!

    the day before yesterday I made a point that I will wake up early in the morning, everyday. My watch said it was 04:52 am when I woke […]

Sep 12

My appointment with the super power

I have been living in Indore for the last four years but haven’t visited one of the most sacred places in India given the fact that it’s just 43 miles […]

Sep 12

Every day is a festival in India!

The above words are not exactly mine but still it’s very apt for India.  Practically, we have more holidays than any other country. Should I be proud of it???  well…. […]