May 09

I remember you

  Menchu, Oh I remember you….. First time I met was on the dinner table; From then on it’s nothing but a fable; You made my submission to the elephant […]

Dec 24

Silver Lining

  In the world where I no more read books for fun but for technical policies, Your words are the silver lining, In the world where I no more send […]

Aug 28

If I could be you for one day..

That’s a difficult question to answer…isn’t it? Perhaps I could be Bagheera for a day 🙂 Considering my friends are from varied fields it’s quite difficult to choose between them. […]

Jul 18

Divine intervention

For all those people who know me well I m not the person who would go to a temple everyday or even for months. I sincerely believe that God lives […]

Apr 07

Heat of the moment

You won a debate, you won an argument, but lost… a friend in the heat of a moment; You got the ice-cream, you got the chocolate cake, but lost a […]

Mar 13

Leap of Faith

Everyone knows that IT jobs are mostly “sit on a chair for 8-9 hours” job. You do nothing except staring at the screen and punching keyboard. Although there are magical […]

Feb 06

I saw from your eyes

I saw from your eyes the rising sun in Japan and the sunset in Hawaii, heard stories about the people from Tibet and the tribes of Masai; I saw from […]

Nov 16

Looking forward I see

Looking forward I see you in the vibrant country of Malaysia, For Canada will always be home, but there is no place unlike Asia. Looking forward I see you in […]

Jun 28

Lost in translation

Sometimes we hear something which wasn’t actually said and sometimes we say something which we don’t actually mean to. Not exactly a big problem just a tiny change of words […]

Jun 17

Of course I am

Of course I am an idiot, stupid, jealous, liar, angry, fool,egoistic,  lazy and late sometimes.. I too have prejudice about people I meet and I also suffer from over confidence […]