I love you too
Jul 05

I love you too

Well this isn’t my love story.. Not yet! People fail to convey how much someone means to one another. We fail to appreciate someone’s presence in life, office or home. […]

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!
May 20

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!

I lie down beneath the vastness of this infinte sky. I get up and practice meditation and take a walk around, enjoy my breakfast. After a few hours I notice […]

Feb 26

For the sheer pleasure of it

RUN not to gain strength or to loose weight, run for the sheer pleasure of it; DRAW not to sell it or to post it on facebook, draw for the […]

Feb 06

I saw from your eyes

I saw from your eyes the rising sun in Japan and the sunset in Hawaii, heard stories about the people from Tibet and the tribes of Masai; I saw from […]

Jun 17

Of course I am

Of course I am an idiot, stupid, jealous, liar, angry, fool,egoistic, ¬†lazy and late sometimes.. I too have prejudice about people I meet and I also suffer from over confidence […]

Mar 26


Sometimes you want the whole world to be with you but there are times you want to leave the world alone. Sometimes you want to talk to everyone and for […]

Nov 06

Thai way of traveling around

I don’t do this normally… waking up at 6 in the morning and going for a bike ride..are you nuts? That’s the time I go to bed…. I did almost […]

Dec 01

Answer lies within

There is an old saying that the “answer is in the question itself”; Now that’s freaking insane when you are 12 year old and you have got a mathematics problem […]

Sep 08

Time to fly

Sometimes destiny just lays down the map in front of you and asks you where do you want to go?? but since you were too busy figuring out the details […]

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