Mar 04


05:39 PM Sunday the brightest, the happiest and the most incredible day… is it??? Well, I am trying to find out. What have I done today? Lets see… Woke up […]

Feb 06

Yesterday I was busy buying some domain names for my projects and some random thoughts struck my mind. Actually the last time I checked for availability of domain name “” […]

Aug 22

What I did last week?

Well I am not Christopher Columbus or the Captain Jack Sparrow but I have discovered several things in life recently. particularly in the last week. But before getting into discoveries […]

Nov 13

facebook mail service coming soon…….

The social network giant struck again…. this time with it’s email service, Facebook founder mark zuckerburg will soon announce this service soon. “Techcrunch speculates that Facebook will announce its own […]

Oct 27

The Social Network movie

“The Social Network” will be a hit, super-hit or a flop show it doesn’t matter, it was able able to convey the message it wanted to, this is what matters […]

May 04


The trick still works…….. Hey guys, you also get caught….. on this very day, a virus named ILOVEYOU created havoc in the online world, here is the special report by […]

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