Mar 13

Leap of Faith

Everyone knows that IT jobs are mostly “sit on a chair for 8-9 hours” job. You do nothing except staring at the screen and punching keyboard. Although there are magical […]

Apr 22

Digital meditation- radio silence

You all know what meditation really is… in the most non Sanskrit words it is just calming your mind down but strangely enough calming your mind is like trying to […]

Sep 12

Windows 9 new look

  Here is the windows 9 brand new look. As promised Microsoft delivered on fixing the start menu further more. In windows 8.1 they added the start button but the […]

Jan 04

Learn to Unlearn

The beginning of the new year was quite interesting for me.  Well, technically we surpassed the fear of 21/12/2012.  My birthday was a full of surprises too.  Well, this is […]

Oct 13

Shameless self promotion

“Let the shameless self promotion begin” one of the most unique and genuine quotes I ever came across. This is by one of my NON FACEBOOK friends, Sarah Gormen. She […]