Silver Lining

Silver Lining



In the world where I no more read books for fun but for technical policies,
Your words are the silver lining,

In the world where I no more send out postcards,
Your messages are the silver lining.

In the world where I don’t fall asleep to dream but to wake up and work again,
Your memories are the silver lining.

In the world where I no longer travel for myself but for work,
Your pictures from world over are the silver lining.

In the world where I no longer eat to burp but to stop being hungry again,
Food you prepared is the silver lining.

In the world where there are no real friends but people who scratch each other’s back.
Your friendship is the silver lining.

In the world where there is no time for family but for employers,
Your timeless conversations are the silver lining.

In the world where no one cares for others,
Your love for the entire world is the silver lining.

In the world where I have several best friends, sisters, guardian angels,
Your avatar of lady Singham and Varanasi combining all of the above is the silver lining.

Wishing you the merriest of all Christmases.


If I could be you for one day..

If I could be you for one day..

That’s a difficult question to answer…isn’t it?

mahendra kumar

Perhaps I could be Bagheera for a day 🙂

Considering my friends are from varied fields it’s quite difficult to choose between them. They are either Engineers, Doctors, Bankers, Writers, Dancers, Actors, Politicians, Yogis, Farmers, Teachers or a Soldiers.

Now why this thought came into my mind? or perhaps in your mind?

We see so much of what other people are doing? where they are going? with whom they are going? how much money they are making? what car they traveling in? etc etc; by the end of the day we question ourselves that what the hell we are doing to compete with them?

We forget the most basic thing in friendship..technically we didn’t made friends to compete with each other but to complete each other. ( My principal said that long back).  We made friends because we had a thing with each other. That particular thing is very hard to define ( can be one in a million reason).

Competition is good in fact that’s the reason we have the Olympics but people forget that it’s not about fighting with your opponent it’s about the gold which matters the most. Athletes have no personal reasons to hate or love each other they do it for the sake of the gold. Apparently that should be the way; you must compete all the time but not with your friend on Facebook but for the goal you have in your mind “The virtual Gold medal”. Your friend might be sharing the same goal with you but it’s definitely not a competition with him.

At least this is what I learnt from the Olympics. So next time when I am thinking about you I am not thinking about competing with you but I am trying to learn from you by being you.

And to answer the question although I cannot be you I can still try to be your friend in the best possible you.

Mahendra Kumar


Divine intervention

Divine intervention

For all those people who know me well I m not the person who would go to a temple everyday or even for months. I sincerely believe that God lives everywhere and the most important temple is the one you see when you close your eyes. But sometimes even closing your eyes won’t help.

So while coming back from dinner a mere thought came in my mind about visiting a temple after all it’s been long. It’s the environment which makes it the place it is supposed to be. Coming back I thought maybe it’s only by divine intervention I would be able to make some decisions which are in my mind for a very long time. I have been looking to do something crazy and insane enough to be called as my job.

divine intervention

And just when I was supposed to shut down my computers and sleep I saw a book borrowed from my friend. I was supposed to read it while on a 40 hours train ride but I didn’t. ( This happens when you have a laptop and tons of movies to watch.)  Something tells me maybe it’s time to start reading that book and I did. Turns out it is something I actually needed for long. Paulo Coelho has been my favourite since “The Alchemist”, he continues to be the best.
So technically I am not saying there is God or not but somehow someone always looks after you whenever needed and sometimes you might just need to ask.

To finish off here is an extract from the book.

A pencil has five qualities which, if you manage to hang on to them, will make you a person who is always at peace with the world.

1. You are Capable of great things, but you must never forget that there is hand guiding your steps.

2. Now and then, I have to stop writing and use a sharpener. That makes the pencil suffer a little, but afterwards, he’s much sharper.

3. The pencil always allows us to use an eraser to rub out any mistakes. This means correcting something  we did is not necessarily a bad thing;

4. What really matters in a pencil is not it’s wooden exterior, but the graphite inside. So always pay attention to what is happening inside you.

And this reminds me of a project I got involved in when one of my friend posted a message on FB about a book sharing activity. I rarely get involve in activities which are on FB, but perhaps I might give it a try.

Mahendra Kumar

Heat of the moment

Heat of the moment

quote from Aleph

You won a debate, you won an argument,
but lost… a friend in the heat of a moment;

You got the ice-cream, you got the chocolate cake,
but lost a sibling in the heat of a moment;

You got the promotion, you got the contract,
but lost your partner in the heat of a moment;

You got to travel the world, you got to live the dream,
but lost your love in the heat of a moment;

There are many things in life we loose or gain in a moment. Sometimes we are proud of it till eternity and sometimes we regret it every single day but one day you would be sitting on a beach wondering what if those moments could have been a bit different.

This reminds me of a famous dialogue of Dumbledore from the movie potter in which he says, words are the most  inexhaustible source of magic capable of both inflicting injury and remedy. So no matter how tense the situation is, no matter how worse the argument goes, no matter how heated the conversation becomes… there is always a probability of finding a mango especially during the hot Indian summer. Forget everything and start savouring the mango we’ll get to the discussion later on.

Personally speaking…. things have gone out of hands, words have been said out of bounds, situations went out of control but what hurts the most are the pity things which started it.

Mahendra Kumar

Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith


Everyone knows that IT jobs are mostly “sit on a chair for 8-9 hours” job. You do nothing except staring at the screen and punching keyboard. Although there are magical moments every now and then but soon the magic fades away…..

So here I am trying to take a leap of faith in finding something interesting, cool, adventurous and yet IT. Pretty hard to find something like that and I might have to create something new..but then if Donald Trump can be a presidential candidate I can do anything in the world. lol

Mahendra Kumar

Pic attribution: Google plus community.

For the sheer pleasure of it

For the sheer pleasure of it

RUN not to gain strength or to loose weight,Sheer pleasure
run for the sheer pleasure of it;

DRAW not to sell it or to post it on facebook,
draw for the sheer pleasure of it;

TRAVEL not to leave something behind or to find something new,
Travel for the sheer pleasure of it;

LOVE not to be with someone or to miss someone,
love for the sheer pleasure of it;

WORK not for the money or the company,
work for the sheer pleasure of it;

LEARN Yoga not to be enlightened or to be flexible,
learn for the sheer pleasure of it;

Although having too much pleasure is bad and this life is supposed to be rough, tough, unforgiving, and full of miseries but have some fun meanwhile for the sheer pleasure of being ALIVE!


I saw from your eyes

I saw from your eyes

mahendra kumar

I saw from your eyes the rising sun in Japan and the sunset in Hawaii,
heard stories about the people from Tibet and the tribes of Masai;

I saw from your eyes the technology of S.Korea and the hospitality of Thailand,
learned about discipline in life and experienced a foreign culture first hand;

I saw from your eyes peace in China and love in Hong Kong,
became the ‘Dragon boy’ and flew across the border via a Chinese song;

I saw from your eyes the care of Taiwan and compassion of Malaysia,
Mesmerized by the landscape I realized it is in fact truly Asia;

I saw from your eyes the woods of kiwi land and the great Barrier Reef of Australia,
added to my list are now the great lakes of Russia and landscape of Mongolia;

I saw from your eyes the great country of the north; Canada,
made some of my best friends and business partners with hearts as vast as Nevada;

Although it’s just a drop in the ocean but I have seen the whole world by being in one place,
Through your eyes I saw what it means to be at peace with thyself and not being involved in a rat race.

With all the gratitude and love I have for you all..  Thank you!
Keep traveling and stay awesome as ever!

After being in exile from writing for almost an year. I am back..not to my previous job but to the sole pleasure of writing..
Mahendra Kumar

Looking forward I see

Looking forward I see

Looking forward I see you in the vibrant country of Malaysia,
For Canada will always be home, but there is no place unlike Asia.

Looking forward I see you in pink of health,of not just yours but of everyone you know,
even god comes second in terms of blessings you shower like snow.

Looking forward I see you in midst of smiles,
If not then I would ask Mia to chase you for miles.

Looking forward I see you traveling places doing yoga,
fighting diseases and helping people like super awesome Yoda.

Looking forward I see you with Colombo and Crystal playing cricket,
With me bowling and Mahesh behind the wicket.

And then someday I see you in Indiaaaa, together with Doctor ( of course whom do you hate so much :-P) doing road trips all around,
Lost together in the woodlands, ocean, deserts and the mountains with no WiFi to be found 🙂

To the person whose world moves around a bit differently with all my heart and soul I pray;  ” May god shower blessings, protects, takes care and fulfills all the wishes of every single person you know.”

PS: This is a desperate attempt to write a poem however all it means is to make sure my Guardian angel,sister, best friend stays forever happy, smiling and… (of course with hair free legs) 😛

Take care of yourself alright!

Meditation, camera and ethics

Meditation, camera and ethics

Imagine yourself to be in the most vulnerable state of your life.. you have no control of yourself, your mind is literally NOT in this universe! Your body movement isn’t normal. You are shaking, crying,farting, laughing out loud and in some cases even vomiting (it happens I know).

And then out of the blue imagine a guy taking pictures or making a video of you at that time. I don’t know about you but I might take that person into trance with a punch.


Now, why I am I talking about this?
I don’t know I have seen people doing that it doesn’t seem right. Sometimes you don’t care but sometimes it is hard to keep on thinking about it.

What’s the reason behind it?
Since you have signed up for a course you have given a right to be photographed all the time. And those picture are used for marketing purposes.

What the other side of the coin has to say about it? 
If you don’t have pictures, videos of your students then how will you advertise? This is the inside peek into the course. People like to know how effective are the classes.

Well, Given the need of marketing material taking pictures while doing asanas is totally fine. People love to pictured doing complex asanas. But in the case of meditation pictures and videos it’s like someone is making a video of you while you are sleeping. Doesn’t matter how calmly you sleep if you would know that someone is recording; you would forget all the eight fold path of yoga, the yamas and the niyamas in a sec and then the unconscious martial arts training kicks right in!

There are numerous ways of doing ethical marketing. Inside peek into the lifestyle of the place, recorded lectures, student reviews, factual information etc. I have been takes time but the top spot on Google will be yours if done right. And on a different note hire professional models for pictures… duh!

People might argue about this a lot and trust me you will get a thousand philosophical answers… “You shouldn’t care what the world thinks” , “Dive in your own journey forget the material world”.

But ethics play a more important role than rules. I might have broken numerous rules but ethics I never have and I never will. Being a computer engineer, web developer and an digital marketing friend of yours I know where the picture actually ends and it never goes in for medical research or yoga research for sure.

As part of my job I have taken many pictures and videos but never during meditation. In fact I have put my job in line to stop people from doing it several time in the past to make sure my friends aren’t the ones showing up on youtube or facebook.

Since I am more into software programming now least I can do is to make peace with myself..that is what yoga is all about.

no pictures during meditation.

Our Prime minister politely denying a selfie during Yoga day.
Source: Indian Express

So next join in a yoga meditation class make sure they have a no camera policy. And if that is not possible use a thin cloth on yourself which would also protect you from guess who? freaking mosquitoes! ( in case you are in tropical regions).

There is a thin line between ethics rules and business needs make you don’t cross it and don’t let anyone else cross it.  It’s personal trespassing and as one of the famous Texas rule on trespassing says –

On a different note- when was the last time you have seen a video of a meditation instructor recording himself / herself in trance crying out loud?

Mahendra Kumar

PS: I am sorry if it offended anyone but it was and always is a terrible site to see this happening everywhere. I can’t let that happen not on my watch! Feel free to write in your views down below. Thanks

Lost in translation

Lost in translation

Sometimes we hear something which wasn’t actually said and sometimes we say something which we don’t actually mean to.

15 - 1 (1)

Not exactly a big problem just a tiny change of words which is no one’s fault which turn up the world upside down.

Apparently it can just be the choice of words nothing else. Perhaps the translation.

I have a friend whose sense of humor is quite different than normal. Took me a while to get accustomed to it. Now I handle instructions of not dying pretty well.

There is one godmother of mine who literally doesn’t care what I say one look on Skype she knows whether I am doing great or stuck at something.

Not a day goes by when I am not grateful to my parents, sister, brother, friends and other family members but in this case words doesn’t matter everyone knows me well and I know them too. Doesn’t matter what we talk about I know they love me and I love them.  A few words don’t come between us. Its not that I talk to them everyday but when I do they know what I mean before I say.

Apparently that’s the reason  we never say thank you to family and friends. There is no actual need.

Quite a long list of mistakes I have done because of this translation situation. Expecting everyone to know me well is like expecting it to rain everyday in rainy season. Doesn’t matter how many clouds are up there it isn’t going to rain every single day.

I once tried to help a women carrying four bags on her own in delhi wasn’t a good idea. Not her fault I could have been a bag thief. Who knows 🙂

The point is that your intentions doesn’t matter there is always a scope of things going haywire. Make sure the other person knows you well enough to understand the situation and circumstances rather than just words. You can’t take your words back but at least you can laugh about it later.


And as long as you have a smiling face up nothing really matters.