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For the sheer pleasure of it

For the sheer pleasure of it

RUN not to gain strength or to loose weight,Sheer pleasure
run for the sheer pleasure of it;

DRAW not to sell it or to post it on facebook,
draw for the sheer pleasure of it;

TRAVEL not to leave something behind or to find something new,
Travel for the sheer pleasure of it;

LOVE not to be with someone or to miss someone,
love for the sheer pleasure of it;

WORK not for the money or the company,
work for the sheer pleasure of it;

LEARN Yoga not to be enlightened or to be flexible,
learn for the sheer pleasure of it;

Although having too much pleasure is bad and this life is supposed to be rough, tough, unforgiving, and full of miseries but have some fun meanwhile for the sheer pleasure of being ALIVE!


I saw from your eyes

I saw from your eyes

mahendra kumar

I saw from your eyes the rising sun in Japan and the sunset in Hawaii,
heard stories about the people from Tibet and the tribes of Masai;

I saw from your eyes the technology of S.Korea and the hospitality of Thailand,
learned about discipline in life and experienced a foreign culture first hand;

I saw from your eyes peace in China and love in Hong Kong,
became the ‘Dragon boy’ and flew across the border via a Chinese song;

I saw from your eyes the care of Taiwan and compassion of Malaysia,
Mesmerized by the landscape I realized it is in fact truly Asia;

I saw from your eyes the woods of kiwi land and the great Barrier Reef of Australia,
added to my list are now the great lakes of Russia and landscape of Mongolia;

I saw from your eyes the great country of the north; Canada,
made some of my best friends and business partners with hearts as vast as Nevada;

Although it’s just a drop in the ocean but I have seen the whole world by being in one place,
Through your eyes I saw what it means to be at peace with thyself and not being involved in a rat race.

With all the gratitude and love I have for you all..  Thank you!
Keep traveling and stay awesome as ever!

After being in exile from writing for almost an year. I am back..not to my previous job but to the sole pleasure of writing..
Mahendra Kumar

Meditation, camera and ethics

Meditation, camera and ethics

Imagine yourself to be in the most vulnerable state of your life.. you have no control of yourself, your mind is literally NOT in this universe! Your body movement isn’t normal. You are shaking, crying,farting, laughing out loud and in some cases even vomiting (it happens I know).

And then out of the blue imagine a guy taking pictures or making a video of you at that time. I don’t know about you but I might take that person into trance with a punch.


Now, why I am I talking about this?
I don’t know I have seen people doing that it doesn’t seem right. Sometimes you don’t care but sometimes it is hard to keep on thinking about it.

What’s the reason behind it?
Since you have signed up for a course you have given a right to be photographed all the time. And those picture are used for marketing purposes.

What the other side of the coin has to say about it? 
If you don’t have pictures, videos of your students then how will you advertise? This is the inside peek into the course. People like to know how effective are the classes.

Well, Given the need of marketing material taking pictures while doing asanas is totally fine. People love to pictured doing complex asanas. But in the case of meditation pictures and videos it’s like someone is making a video of you while you are sleeping. Doesn’t matter how calmly you sleep if you would know that someone is recording; you would forget all the eight fold path of yoga, the yamas and the niyamas in a sec and then the unconscious martial arts training kicks right in!

There are numerous ways of doing ethical marketing. Inside peek into the lifestyle of the place, recorded lectures, student reviews, factual information etc. I have been takes time but the top spot on Google will be yours if done right. And on a different note hire professional models for pictures… duh!

People might argue about this a lot and trust me you will get a thousand philosophical answers… “You shouldn’t care what the world thinks” , “Dive in your own journey forget the material world”.

But ethics play a more important role than rules. I might have broken numerous rules but ethics I never have and I never will. Being a computer engineer, web developer and an digital marketing friend of yours I know where the picture actually ends and it never goes in for medical research or yoga research for sure.

As part of my job I have taken many pictures and videos but never during meditation. In fact I have put my job in line to stop people from doing it several time in the past to make sure my friends aren’t the ones showing up on youtube or facebook.

Since I am more into software programming now least I can do is to make peace with myself..that is what yoga is all about.

no pictures during meditation.

Our Prime minister politely denying a selfie during Yoga day.
Source: Indian Express

So next join in a yoga meditation class make sure they have a no camera policy. And if that is not possible use a thin cloth on yourself which would also protect you from guess who? freaking mosquitoes! ( in case you are in tropical regions).

There is a thin line between ethics rules and business needs make you don’t cross it and don’t let anyone else cross it.  It’s personal trespassing and as one of the famous Texas rule on trespassing says –

On a different note- when was the last time you have seen a video of a meditation instructor recording himself / herself in trance crying out loud?

Mahendra Kumar

PS: I am sorry if it offended anyone but it was and always is a terrible site to see this happening everywhere. I can’t let that happen not on my watch! Feel free to write in your views down below. Thanks

Digital meditation- radio silence

Digital meditation- radio silence

You all know what meditation really is… in the most non Sanskrit words it is just calming your mind down but strangely enough calming your mind is like trying to bend the spoon as in the movie “Matrix” no matter how hard you try… that’s not happening.  Least you can do is to be happy about the fact that while trying to bend the spoon you cleaned up your kitchen (mind).

Now why am I talking about spoons here? well nothing in particular I just have two of them and would like to use them for long.

Back to the real Matrix…. Last week was kind of a turmoil. That happens all the time in tech world. Out of no where you are stuck with a few lines of code for days. I was practically staring at 15 lines of code for the entire week to find bugs in them.  The only relief was lunch at Divya Sir’s place. Trust me when I say I ate like a pig.. I really did.


Bhagavad Gita says you need leave your body and think from a different perspective when you handle any difficult situation and to do that you need peace of mind therefore I turned off my computers, Wifi and cell phone for most part of the days and also deactivated my Facebook account briefly in order to stay as relaxed as ever and I did slept for long.

And luckily enough I finally got the algorithm sorted out and a job contract with awesome perks. However in the mean time my phone must have got a ton of curse words for being silent and not responding to any calls. Apart from a few calls from loved ones I don’t regret leaving my phone behind in the room. It’s one of those things which makes me believe that no matter what I am still a human who likes normal face to face conversation. That reminds me of a 70 years old security guard I met 2 days back after almost 3 years. A genuine smile and a few words were all we needed to catch up. We don’t even know each others name but he knows more about me than most of my Facebook friends plus we rarely chat.

Everyone is bound to get in trouble at some point or other but in those times it’s best to turn off your internet and move out in sun, rain and in cold the world would be more real and small. It’s definitely not running away but focusing on the real issue rather than what’s happening in Yemen.

From the beginning of the development sprint there were a whole lot of problems personal, professional but I believe that happiness is worth sharing and problems are worth fighting for. You would never hear any problems from me unless you are the one I need help from.

Coming back to meditation this is what meditation and radio silence actually means and it’s effects.

( credits: Marcia Dominguez)


chapati by Mahendra

PS: Just got this picture from my lovely friend Jiaranai. I managed to make chapatis not in India but in Thai.

Mahendra Kumar

The Yoga Writer

The Yoga Writer

I have been thinking about joining Yoga classes for a long time now… I got to attend a few classes earlier. Officially my first Yoga class dates back to August 2011, I attended the class of Jiaranai Aroka. Then again in January 2012 my Aunt, Anna Christianne took my Yoga class and both of the classes were awesome…Open-mouthed smile  I slept like a strains, no sprains.. no muscle aches… nothing. 

Now that was in the past…..

These days……

I have been writing contents of the website and blogs which require knowledge and Understanding of yoga however I managed it well as I got a lot of help from experts in this subject matter. I do have a large collection of e-books and other reference materials which I refer most of the time.

But recently I was commenting on a article which was related to Yoga and then my AmeriMama said that you can’t  analyse yoga articles TECHNICALLY, the real meaning is actually a lot deeper and different. And she was right about that.Therefore I thought that in order to write my articles in a better way and with more REALITY in it I need to experience everything myself. So here I am waking up early in the morning…. first studying computer subjects and then preparing for my Yoga Practice.

I attended a class yesterday…. It was awesome, I was guided by not one but several teachers each of them experts in their own way. I did SuryaNamaskar (Sun Salutation), Marjari Pose (Cat pose), Anulom Vilom, Trikonasana and several other Asanas.

The experience forced me to attend it again BUT………  it isn’t easy  Fingers crossed I do have a strain in my back hopefully it will be fine when I will practice regularly.  

Wish me luck!