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I love you too

I love you too

Well this isn’t my love story.. Not yet!

People fail to convey how much someone means to one another. We fail to appreciate someone’s presence in life, office or home. We feel that it’s understandable and never actually say it. Just to get rid of all this stupid norms.. I just say I love you too!

To colleagues, friends, family…basically everyone with whom I am comfortable enough to share a bit of my life. And the best part I get love in return. A smile, laugters lightens up to mood and sometimes makes someone’s day. So spread love, care and laughter all around folks.

Oh wait… it doesn’t mean I am very casual with my words nope. I do mean it.

Meanwhile, it’s almost a year since I took a short trip to Mahabaleshwar. It’s heaven in clouds specially during monsoon. Made a video about it and looking forward to another trip soon. Who’s up for it? If you are serious about it let me know in the comments below.




Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!

Mahendra kumar I lie down beneath the vastness of this infinte sky. I get up and practice meditation and take a walk around, enjoy my breakfast. After a few hours I notice a silverish object on my table. This is perhaps the most powerful device humans ever made… a laptop connected to the internet. The moment I turn it on, I am least that’s what the millennials think… But fortunately enough I prefer to be in radio silence whenever possible and to do life conversations with real people rather than an image on the screen. That reminds me of the recent trip I went on with six others. And for several days I didn’t checked emails, attended meetings, or for people who know me well… I didn’t wrote a single line of code during the entire trip. We had a time of our lives!

Especially in times of lockdown the words borrowed from the US declaration of Independence ..Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is at stake.. here is a quote from a recent book I read.. “The Grand esential to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love and something to hope for” – Washington Burnap

And for now.. Enjoy!

Mahendra kumar in Haridwar

All started with an early morning dip in the river Ganga and then leaving for Rishikesh!


Rishikesh – Connecting East and the West of the Yogic world!


River Ganga

Was about to go jump in the river Ganga after receiving a bug from QA… Got saved by Ms Ionic Stackoverflow!


After attending the biggest rain dance party ever at an International Border we were getting serious about closing the border finally!


After all…we cannot leave the doors to our great nation open!


In peace with thyself, in trance..I couldn’t stop looking at this heavenly abode!


A night walk around Darbar sahib is a must. We were clocking almost 10kms walk every single day!


We had to take power naps in between! Office ki aadat jo hai


Ready to rock Delhi’s party hub!


Raat k 12 baje..aisay hi dikhte hai log!


We were from the Hungry clan here.. Couldn’t stop eating all night long!


The number of TikTokers we saw here.. We were lucky to have left the place without appearing in any prank videos!

And to my friends who went on this trip. A few words for you guys in a language you would understand.

For a few days we were in the same Virtual Private Cloud exploring the UX and UI of the world from our mobile viewport experiencing the heavenly plugins we all need from time to time to keep our builds stable meanwhile keeping a stock of our lives in moments not in Google sheet!

Life is not a problem to be solved. Just remember to have something that keeps you busy doing what you love while being surrounded by the people who love you!  Follow your ikigai
– Excerpts from the book- IKIGAI-the Japanses Secret to a Long and Happy Life

Thanks for reading.. Your feedback is most welcome.

Mahendra Kumar
Pic Credits – Everyone on the trip 🙂 

For the sheer pleasure of it

For the sheer pleasure of it

RUN not to gain strength or to loose weight,Sheer pleasure
run for the sheer pleasure of it;

DRAW not to sell it or to post it on facebook,
draw for the sheer pleasure of it;

TRAVEL not to leave something behind or to find something new,
Travel for the sheer pleasure of it;

LOVE not to be with someone or to miss someone,
love for the sheer pleasure of it;

WORK not for the money or the company,
work for the sheer pleasure of it;

LEARN Yoga not to be enlightened or to be flexible,
learn for the sheer pleasure of it;

Although having too much pleasure is bad and this life is supposed to be rough, tough, unforgiving, and full of miseries but have some fun meanwhile for the sheer pleasure of being ALIVE!


I saw from your eyes

I saw from your eyes

mahendra kumar

I saw from your eyes the rising sun in Japan and the sunset in Hawaii,
heard stories about the people from Tibet and the tribes of Masai;

I saw from your eyes the technology of S.Korea and the hospitality of Thailand,
learned about discipline in life and experienced a foreign culture first hand;

I saw from your eyes peace in China and love in Hong Kong,
became the ‘Dragon boy’ and flew across the border via a Chinese song;

I saw from your eyes the care of Taiwan and compassion of Malaysia,
Mesmerized by the landscape I realized it is in fact truly Asia;

I saw from your eyes the woods of kiwi land and the great Barrier Reef of Australia,
added to my list are now the great lakes of Russia and landscape of Mongolia;

I saw from your eyes the great country of the north; Canada,
made some of my best friends and business partners with hearts as vast as Nevada;

Although it’s just a drop in the ocean but I have seen the whole world by being in one place,
Through your eyes I saw what it means to be at peace with thyself and not being involved in a rat race.

With all the gratitude and love I have for you all..  Thank you!
Keep traveling and stay awesome as ever!

After being in exile from writing for almost an year. I am back..not to my previous job but to the sole pleasure of writing..
Mahendra Kumar

Of course I am

Of course I am

Of course I am an idiot, stupid, jealous, liar, angry, fool,egoistic,  lazy and late sometimes..
I too have prejudice about people I meet and I also suffer from over confidence and loose control of my tongue.

And I am sorry for that. It’s not me it’s the programming.. ( from the movie Tomorrowland), I am built that way. That’s the excuse most often used and I also know it never actually works.

Now why I am saying this? Not so funny story… I was writing a software program a few days ago and I had to make a small change in the workflow but as it turns out it got messed up and then a software glitch cost me two days of work which almost ruined my day and weekend. Took me a while but I did fix it quicker than the last time as I knew every problem I faced last time.

What got me thinking is the fact that a simple virtual mistake had such an impact on my mood, thoughts and sleep for few days I cannot imagine what would have been your condition when I did something wrong to you in real life. Didn’t seemed bigger to me but it could have meant a whole lot to you!

So here I am not just saying sorry but completely owning up my mistakes and if I can do anything to fix it. It will be my honor and privilege.

Expecting a long list of things to do now..:-)

On a positive note I was watching a Harvard graduate speaking about intrinsic value…something which cannot be lost nor gained. It’s something which is always there. I believe I do have some intrinsic values which no matter what would never fade away 🙂 Trust me!

In the mean time monsoon is here and I am on my bike most of the time chasing clouds…. literally!
Had a minor accident which could have been terrible if my bike wouldn’t have saved my bones. I am slowly getting back into programming mode. Something I did way back in 2007 and then lost it completely in between. Took me a while and a whole lot of wisdom from my guardian angels but I think I can say I am pretty much back in the game now. I guess I shouldn’t have left it in the first place but similar to other mistakes I am glad I had a chance to correct it. As the famous Silicon Valley line goes ” Code hard and play harder” I may be able to spend my time pretty well when I am on vacations.  And talking about that; one is just down the line. Lots of thoughts about which place to head next… Maybe Nepal.

2015 - 1
Until next time..

Mahendra, Alejandro, Mahi, Mahendy and the Dragon kid 🙂




Sometimes you want the whole world to be with you
but there are times you want to leave the world alone.

Sometimes you want to talk to everyone
and for a few days, you wish no one called( messaged or whatsapp).

Sometimes you don’t say anything
but someone understands everything.

Sometimes you wish you had no friends
however even strangers become best friends.

Sometimes you wish to be home
but then after a few days you want to leave desperately.

Sometimes you wish you could have spoken
but maybe you shouldn’t have said anything.


Sometimes you wish were a traveler
but in dreams you wish to have one perfect place.

Sometimes you wish to be in a city
and then drive to be in a far far away country.

Sometimes you wish to be famous
and then want to be anonymous to people.

Sometimes you wish to be working alone
but then you need your team for something.

Sometimes you wish to be in a picture
but at times it becomes too embarrassing..

And for nerds and geeks
sometimes you wish you had an apple
but in your heart you know for free softwares and apps you need android and windows.

Perhaps there are too many “sometimes” in everyone’s life…well that’s what makes your life insane and god definitely knew this before hand that’s why you dream new things every night, the moment you dream the same all the time.. you are in trouble!

Mahendra Kumar
pic credits: Dave Booth and Shilpa Sharma

Sometimes even a camera can’t see everything!

Sometimes even a camera can’t see everything!
Sometimes even a camera can’t see everything!

Cameras were build to freeze time and to make them intangible memories. However I find it insane that people fill in their massive hard drives with pictures but never even look at them twice.  I promised myself that once I have a house I will make sure that every single picture on my disk finds a place.

However pictures are not everything and they can’t capture everything. In actual sense a picture isn’t the complete picture. It misses the feeling of the wind, the fragrance of the moment, mood and the actual view. Therefore in my endeavor to make my memories from Thailand alive I make sure to take tons of picture but in the mean time; I sit back..close my eyes and paint another picture without seeing anything.

Here are the latest ones from my 35 km bike trip.

Although I have used filters and pretty stupid designs on top but the real sight was a million times better.
Cellphone cameras aren’t the best for me but this is just like a note to recall the actual picture stored deep inside my mind.

Bike trip in Thailand

Here is the bike I have been using along… perfect bike for newbies like me (In the field of geared bikes of course!)



Everytime I miss home these two angels fly me out.


God is an architect for sure..not sure which school he went too?

Sam Roi Yot, Thailand

Humans aren’t behind in designing unique things too. I wonder if the house on top is available for rent and why would someone live there?  for the view I guess!

Sam Roi yot, Thailand

If I would have been a poet I could have written numerous poems by just sitting here.

Sam Roi yot, Thailand bike trip


Sam Roi yot, Thailand

I wish I had my own boat….someday!

Sam Roi yot, Thailand

I had to take this picture.

Sam Roi yot, Thailand




Hope you liked the pictures. If you ever wanna visit Thailand…better send me a message first!


Thai way of traveling around

Thai way of traveling around

I don’t do this normally… waking up at 6 in the morning and going for a bike ride..are you nuts? That’s the time I go to bed…. I did almost the same thing in August 2011 but it was long time back. A lot of things have changed since I have been out of India. Now I don’t keep computers in my bed room. No work while half-asleep. However I still wake up late but today I made an exception.

We ( myself, Jiaranai and Joy) thought of a bike trip around the place we live in. So we started at 6 in the morning before sunrise.. ( well I couldn’t see the sun at that time..but there was enough light).

In total we covered 50 kms which included ride along the beach, off road mountain biking, watching wild peacocks fly around etc. In total it was hell of a something. Google my tracks app says we burned 463 calories. But  I am sure I am gaining more and more weight these days 😛

Hope you will enjoy the pictures.

Bike trip in Thailand

We started before sunrise.

IMG_20141106_061352844 IMG_20141106_061608191

Finally the sunrise.

Finally the sunrise.

cycling in Thailand

Specially built bike lanes

IMG_20141106_063344935 IMG_20141106_064619866

I don't know where to go?   Something is wrong with the board.

I don’t know where to go? Something is wrong with the board.


Pit stop break. Banana something.

Pit stop break. Banana something.

Off road biking to see the peacocks IMG_20141106_082211397 Nothing seemed perfect than watching this Friend of mine said on a clear day we can see Myanmar from here.

Pineapple farms everywhere.

Pineapple farms everywhere.

IMG_20141106_112718543 IMG_20141106_113232323 Heading back home

And of course if you ever plan to visit Thailand and enjoy a bike trip. You know a person to Contact. Not me but my friends.

Mahendra Kumar

Answer lies within

Answer lies within

There is an old saying that the “answer is in the question itself”; Now that’s freaking insane when you are 12 year old and you have got a mathematics problem to solve and your mind is thinking about this quote. There is no way in hell that the answer lies between this algebraic equation.



Now why people would believe in this quote if it’s wrong? I was thinking about this today. The context wasn’t mathematics but more of a real world type. I was just wondering about the decisions people make and the consequences of those decisions. Some time they rejoice sometimes they remorse. Now, the real world question is how to find an optimal solution for a problem…. in real world scenario- how to make the best possible decision?
well, it depends how do you define “the best possible decision”. For me it’s the decision that you are willing to die for, the decision you totally immerse yourself and the decision when made results won’t matter. This is my personal view though. It’s the same reason people drive fast, they very well know that it’s dangerous, they may die in an accident but it’s the shear pleasure of driving and experiencing the thrill that you still drive fast regardless of the consequences. Now that’s a perfect decision…. a decision which makes the process a shear pleasure.

Mahendra Kumar

Same with journey, If the landscape is awesome you don’t care about the destination.

Now coming back to mathematics the answer does lies within…how??  well in algebra the process is the key. If you concentrate on the steps (process) you will definitely get the answer.

Mahendra Kumar

Time to fly

Time to fly

Sometimes destiny just lays down the map in front of you and asks you where do you want to go?? but since you were too busy figuring out the details on google maps, wikipedia and lonely planet ………….destiny says; perhaps another day!

I have met hundreds of travelers, globe trotters and one of the most important thing I learned is the fact that it’s not the pictures you took with your digital camera, it’s about how much picture you took with the most powerful camera in the world…your eyes. It’s not how much songs you stored in your Ipod, it’s about how many songs you actually sang. It’s not about how much videos you stored in your hard drive, it’s about how much memories you have in the largest hard drive of the world….your mind.

Now, I had enough of homework….time to start doing the practical myself. Planning the most incredible journey of my life. It’s time, I fly!

PS: I never forget anyone!