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Tears of joy

Tears of joy

One of the last thing I would like to see in this world is to see tears in eyes. Doesn’t matter if I know that person or not. And if by any chance, I know that person then I would move heaven and earth to make that person smile. Simple logic if I can’t make anyone smile then I would rather not make anyone cry but soon enough I realized that sometime people cry out of happiness too.

Crying shows us that doesn’t matter show tough you are from outside you are still a human from inside. I have seen many people crying out of happiness and believe me that’s one of the best things in world to see. Pure bliss!

So today I ask you to cry the hell out and make yourself happy. Life is beautiful when you know that someone is happy and you are one of the reasons ­čÖé

tears of joy


PS: doesn’t matter how worse the situation there is at least one reason to smile. I know my reason to smile all the time. It’s time you find yours.


Love for camping

Love for camping

It’s been long since I have been outdoors. However whenever I find an opportunity to break away from the wifi- zone I take it asap. Recently I have been to Aurangabad ( ajanta and Ellora Caves) , Haridwar, Rishikesh etc. What I learned thereis that doesn’t matter how fast your internet connection is, the connection between the nature and you is always stronger.

I may sound philosophical but a recent study published in the journal “Current biology” proves the fact that camping out side do help in lots of ways. It helps in adjusting the body clock. ┬áResearchers found that exposure to the artificial light affected the production of hormones and melatonin.┬áMelatonin rises just before we go to sleep and decreases through the night until we wake up. This is responsible for our body clock. You can read about the benefits of camping on the following BBC article.

I am just saying that whenever you get time, even a minute go out embrace the nature, feel the energy of Sun and keep yourself at peace with nature.

outdoor caming

benefit of camping outdoors


Mahendra Kumar
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Love, one of the most frequently asked question in everyday life. Whats happening? Do you have a girlfriend? Howz your girlfriend? etc . Nowadays, in the facebook age every girl on your facebook friend’s list is being considered as your girlfriend ( except for your relatives, of course). But I don’t think so. From the last couple of months I have been asked a thousand times about my love life. Therefore I decided to answer this once and for all.

In truly believe in love at first sight. I am sure if you have experienced it you know it’s 100% fact. You see someone and your heart says yes she’s is the one. However instincts play a very vital role in it. This does not mean that I had this kind of experience. May be…. I am still figuring it out.

I believe, that Love happens only once. Doesn’t matter what you say, you truly know that there is only one girl. Like in the case of swans, angelfish, Albatross, turtle, doves and bald eagles I also think that there is only one partner for life.

Now the final question…. do you have a girlfriend?? simply answer.. I am in pursuit! My work and shy nature always prevented me from thinking about anything which isn’t a computer. What I think is….when it will happen it will happen…..

So now that I have answered all the queries please stop bugging me on this.