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Night Sky

Night Sky

night sky

If the day is about the all mighty sun and beating the heat;
then the night sky is nothing but an all star retreat

If the day is about getting lost in the crowd;
Then the night sky is about finding place among stars

If the day is about getting all stressed about past, present and future;
then the night sky is about meditating on the stars and bliss for sure

Now before you start imagining yourself sleeping out on the roof make sure there aren’t any loud wedding parties going on nearby .. If yes then my friend even god can’t save you…doomed you are!

Logic says that the moon remains the same but the sunlight on it determines how it looks like but no one cares about logic anymore..right?. Keeping that in mind I let go of my normal life and jumped into a startup roller coaster. Not a day went pass when I didn’t thought of quitting but angels from north made sure I stand tall no matter what. And now I am the lead software programmers who also happens to play cricket.

Phases of moon changed so did everyone’s life. Mine too but I truly hope you are still the night sky which no matter how cloudy, clear or windy…. always makes sure everyone sleeps well at the end of the day.

Mahendra Kumar

pic credits: google plus

Sometimes even a camera can’t see everything!

Sometimes even a camera can’t see everything!
Sometimes even a camera can’t see everything!

Cameras were build to freeze time and to make them intangible memories. However I find it insane that people fill in their massive hard drives with pictures but never even look at them twice.  I promised myself that once I have a house I will make sure that every single picture on my disk finds a place.

However pictures are not everything and they can’t capture everything. In actual sense a picture isn’t the complete picture. It misses the feeling of the wind, the fragrance of the moment, mood and the actual view. Therefore in my endeavor to make my memories from Thailand alive I make sure to take tons of picture but in the mean time; I sit back..close my eyes and paint another picture without seeing anything.

Here are the latest ones from my 35 km bike trip.

Although I have used filters and pretty stupid designs on top but the real sight was a million times better.
Cellphone cameras aren’t the best for me but this is just like a note to recall the actual picture stored deep inside my mind.

Bike trip in Thailand

Here is the bike I have been using along… perfect bike for newbies like me (In the field of geared bikes of course!)



Everytime I miss home these two angels fly me out.


God is an architect for sure..not sure which school he went too?

Sam Roi Yot, Thailand

Humans aren’t behind in designing unique things too. I wonder if the house on top is available for rent and why would someone live there?  for the view I guess!

Sam Roi yot, Thailand

If I would have been a poet I could have written numerous poems by just sitting here.

Sam Roi yot, Thailand bike trip


Sam Roi yot, Thailand

I wish I had my own boat….someday!

Sam Roi yot, Thailand

I had to take this picture.

Sam Roi yot, Thailand




Hope you liked the pictures. If you ever wanna visit Thailand…better send me a message first!


United Nations

United Nations

When I was a kid studying in fifth grade there was a chapter in my social studies book called “The United Nations”. when I finished that chapter I was more than convinced that war would never happen in this world. I was convinced that UN was built on a solid foundation of brotherhood and mutual understanding. The idea was simple; there is UNESCO for economic growth, there is Security council for discussions related to war and conflicts. There was UNICEF for child care, there were several other organisations too for the smooth functioning of the world.

UN headquarter

UN headquarter in New York

At that time only the Israel- Philistine, Kashmir and African countries were the regions of conflict otherwise everything else was not exactly fine but peaceful at least.

But then;

1. US attacked Afghanistan after 911. Not that I am against it but I would been happier if the UN forces would have attacked Taliban.

2. US invaded Iraq.. then again I would loved UN inspectors to find something and then attack.

3. Israel- Philistine conflict rose and few years back hundreds of rockets were being fired on each other.

4. China expanded it air space in dispute with Japan.

5. North Korea developed Nuclear weapons

6. Iran was at the brink of a war with USA. Thankfully the tension eased up.

7. Russia invaded Ukraine

8. Syria used chemical weapons

9. Africa is still in the same condition ( almost)

10. World economy had a major depression in 2007

Now these are only the major ones which come into my mind right now; there are many other which I can’t recall. After finishing this list I cannot see any importance of UN in today’s world. It’s just a group of wealthy countries having tea together at the expense of Taxpayers money.

They were not able to resolve not a single world issue. The only reason they still work in Africa because those countries are too small to argue on it’s policies.

NATO is stronger than ever having just 28 members but the UN security force numbers are decreasing day by day given the number of member nations is more than 100.

The only thing I heard from UN on any major incident; is it’s criticism on worldly matters it never actually did anything on the ground level when mattered the most.

Recently when the Malaysian Airline plane went missing I would loved to hear from UN on setting up a combined task force to search for it. Instead 10-12 countries used their own means to do that. This would have given some hope to the world.

Sometimes I think it’s just a platform to enforce laws on weak countries when they are right and use Veto power when any of the five permanent members are right.. In the matters of environment I saw more greenpeace activists doing all sorts of things to protect the environment while the UN conventions were nothing more than diplomatic holidays.

Being a citizen of the EARTH; I do not oppose the ideology of UN but I would love it, if it gets some teeth for some action.


Love for camping

Love for camping

It’s been long since I have been outdoors. However whenever I find an opportunity to break away from the wifi- zone I take it asap. Recently I have been to Aurangabad ( ajanta and Ellora Caves) , Haridwar, Rishikesh etc. What I learned thereis that doesn’t matter how fast your internet connection is, the connection between the nature and you is always stronger.

I may sound philosophical but a recent study published in the journal “Current biology” proves the fact that camping out side do help in lots of ways. It helps in adjusting the body clock.  Researchers found that exposure to the artificial light affected the production of hormones and melatonin. Melatonin rises just before we go to sleep and decreases through the night until we wake up. This is responsible for our body clock. You can read about the benefits of camping on the following BBC article.

I am just saying that whenever you get time, even a minute go out embrace the nature, feel the energy of Sun and keep yourself at peace with nature.

outdoor caming

benefit of camping outdoors


Mahendra Kumar
Computer Engineer turned artist


Monsoon here it comes…

Monsoon here it comes…

Technically monsoon is the most awaited season of the year. Mostly because of the water it brings to the thirsty mainland but also because of the inner peace it brings. There is nothing compared to the feeling of sitting in your rooftop and enjoying the cool breeze with tiny droplets of rain. I would spend my lifetime doing that. It’s Incredible!

Arrival of monsoon in India

Monsoon weather

Whom should I ask for HELP?

Whom should I ask for HELP?

All the major governing bodies of the world including UN, EU, SAARC etc are busy with issues which don’t have any importance in terms of environmental protection. Microsoft, Disney and other media production houses are funding billions of dollars to stop piracy. US is busy with a lot of war issues and China is busy flexing it’s muscles over it’s neighbors ( Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines, and India). Europe is struggling with it’s monetary issues. Africa is busy with civil war, Russia is busy with Putin..

I don’t know whom to ask for environmental protection and development. Latest study done by Boston University and an Indian Agency (ATREE) and published in Times of India shows 1.5 degree Celsius rise in the temperature of Himalayan region which is three times the global average. This is affected the ecological balance drastically.

I think only the PENGUINS of Antarctica are free to work on environmental issues.