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I love you too

I love you too

Well this isn’t my love story.. Not yet!

People fail to convey how much someone means to one another. We fail to appreciate someone’s presence in life, office or home. We feel that it’s understandable and never actually say it. Just to get rid of all this stupid norms.. I just say I love you too!

To colleagues, friends, family…basically everyone with whom I am comfortable enough to share a bit of my life. And the best part I get love in return. A smile, laugters lightens up to mood and sometimes makes someone’s day. So spread love, care and laughter all around folks.

Oh wait… it doesn’t mean I am very casual with my words nope. I do mean it.

Meanwhile, it’s almost a year since I took a short trip to Mahabaleshwar. It’s heaven in clouds specially during monsoon. Made a video about it and looking forward to another trip soon. Who’s up for it? If you are serious about it let me know in the comments below.




Insanely Normal 2.0

Insanely Normal 2.0

In continuation of my earlier blog post Insanely Normal which was published by the Elephant Journal which was around 9 years ago I thought of revisiting my thoughts and see what has changed since then.

Insanely normal

In this world where covid-19 has created havoc and countries are struggling to keep their economies running;

Where egoistic, proud men of major countries are losing control of the healthcare system and of their nation;
Where while the nature found a way to heal herself in a matter of months mankind is still trying to monetize the melting poles and sea beds for more Oil;
Where the major giants, fortune 500s, unicorn startups, sillicon valley Angels couldn’t hold hands of their employees for a few months;
Where money not memories are important;
Where United Nations, WHO, UNSC are still puppet in the hands of a few without real powers;
Where the pandemic hasn’t stopped Countries from waging war on others;
Where the religion, colour of the skin, ethenicity, citizenship are still more important than the actual living person;
Where millions are locked in, alone, depressed and anxious;

Still a few humans are left in this God forsaken planet…

who risk their lives for others in the fight against Corona ( I am proud to be friends with Doctors, Nurses, Police officers,  Firefighers, Adminstrative workers, Bankers, Shop owners who made sure the essential services were functional throughout);
Who didn’t travel by Air, bus or train but walked across hundreds of miles to reach home;
Who shared love, care and food supplies to people in need;
Who paid their employees even when they were not able to work;
Who called their friends and families on skype, Zoom and whatsapp video to make sure there presence was felt ( I am sure you have a huge list to thank..same here. ) ;

Who found different ways and means to continue teaching and guiding people through tough times through Yoga, meditation and educational classes ( Special mention of my friend Carrie who helped me with her meditation classes );

While the world talked politics and was busy playing blame game..  a few women took charge and led from the front and are an inspiration to all ( Special mention to the New Zealand PM- Jacinda Ardern and then the other leaders from Germany, Iceland, Finland, South Korea);

While the earth continues to spin and revolve around the Sun and will continue to do so.. these few make the world a place worth living every single second. People call them normal… I call them Insanely Normal!

And yet again…. the reason I am talking about them is because we all know a few of them personally and although it doesn’t matter to them but someone told that a few words for them will go a long way in keeping them normal.. or perhaps Insanely Normal.

Thanks for reading the blog. Let me know what do you think in the comments below.
Mahendra Kumar