Whatever the game, and whatever the odds,Mahendra Kumar

The winning is all up to you,
For it isn’t the score, and it isn’t the price,
That counts when the playing is through!
In the great game of life, it’s the purpose to win,
And the courage to fight to the end,
That determines for you what degrees of success,
will be scored to your credit,my friend,
The best you can do may not be quite enough,
To defeat your opponent today;
But you never lose, and you can never fail,
If you put all you’ve got in your play,
And the greatest reward that your effort can bring,
Is the fact that you stood to the test-
That you played a clean game, and fought a good fight,
And you always were doing your best!
Anyone who gives the best, never really loses.

So here I am giving my best!  I am a Computer Science Grad working full time as a mobile app and web developer.

I don’t use a watch to keep track of myself. I follow the SUN and the MOON and perhaps sometimes STARS too. And when I am on a break I like to write blogs, brainstorm,take a few pictures ( well a lot more than “a FEW”), visit the countryside on a Bicycle and play outdoor games.

For me there is only one religion -> “Humanity” and there is only one country-> “EARTH”.Ethics,passion,knowledge, virtues, family and a few INSANELY NORMAL friends rule my life.
Mahendra Kumar

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