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What did you learn today???

What did you learn today???

This question haunts every student when he/she returns from school. There is nothing wrong in the question asked by parents everyday? Actually this is the question we should ask ourselves. Learning is a continuous process and it doesn’t have any age restriction.

We should ask this

what did you learned today?

question everyday and try to answer it as genuinely as possible.  This would make us self confident and when you have doubt about your capabilities you can check it out and get some relief.

I have planned to blog about the things I HAVE LEARNED TODAY.



05:39 PM

Sunday the brightest, the happiest and the most incredible day… is it???
Well, I am trying to find out. What have I done today? Lets see…

  • Woke up late
  • Quick shower
  • Laundry
  • Work
  • computers
  • computers
  • computers

Damn my sunday is in ruins… Thinking of something unusual to do this Sunday, something I never did before! I have got 06 hours and 20 minutes left. Wait for the next post while I am thinking to make my sunday a real sunday!

07:22 pm

Had the first Ice cream of the season ( butter-scotch)