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Good morning! ….wait a sec.. good night! I don’t know

Good morning! ….wait a sec.. good night! I don’t know

Hey folks!  very happy to see you here.  Today something happened to me which left me in confusion.  A few days back I started waking up early in the morning but it turned out to be a shocking event for my friends and family.  I mean, who get 23 comments and 11 facebook likes just for waking up in the morning?

So here I am going back to basics… I didn’t slept last night, not at all. And went for a morning walk straight away. Had my breakfast and went straight to bed…………. So I was confused whether to say good morning or good night to everyone??

I know it’s kind of weird but I am an engineer and I do like to experiment. And What I learned from this is…     Never try this in your life, never means NEVER.

Entire day I was like sleeping all the time. 5 minutes in the couch, 5 minutes in the chair, 5 minutes during lunch…  However it was worth experimenting and the experience was quite unique!

best wishes and sleep well!

Facebook deveoper conference 2011 (f8)

Facebook deveoper conference 2011 (f8)

It was for the first time I was watching Mark Zuckerbeg LIVE. This is the guy who changed our life on the web. And no doubt he was the youngest billionaire to make his way up to the Forbes list. I really wanted to see this guy and that too live…..

So here I was, watching the Livestream of the keynote address by Mark.




He was indeed very cool. By the way introduction featured Jesse Eisenberg who played Mark Zuckerberg in the movie”The social Network”. He added comic flavor to the presentation. He was good, really good! and movie was great too. I watched it nearly 10 times.

Back on subject!

Facebook developer conference 2011 marked a new era for facebook as it introduced two new technologies..

1. Timeline

2. Open graph

Timeline:     Timeline is like a short story about your own life.

  • what kind of music you like?
  • What kind of movies you watch?
  • Places you have been to.
  • Pictures
  • Posts

In a single page. It’s currently in beta stage and available only for developers.

Watch the video on the link , to know more


Open graph: It’s the live ticker which keeps showing up the latest activity of your friends.








Common facebook, I don’t want to sit all day long in front on my computer watching what my friends are doing. I have work to do and for heaven sake what’s the meaning of being invisible from chat if everyone can see what I am doing on facebook.?

I was simultaneously watching Mark’s presentation and commenting on it. And for the record, facebook folks slowed down my comments after 10+ posts! but when they realized that I was making genuine points and not spamming them, they finally restored my speed!

The only reason I use facebook is to stay connected with my friends not to live with them all day long! The home page is now crammed up with a whole lot of apps, tickers, notifications…. oh my god!

I am seriously considering google+ now! It’s more clean………… Google recently made it public and I have started modifying my information on google+.

my google plus profile

– Entirely personal reviews by Mahendra . Please comment about what do you think about the changes on Fb.

It’s official……. Now I am a fighter pilot

It’s official……. Now I am a fighter pilot

I have been a airline pilot for quite a long time now. Records show that I landed an airplane for more than 300 times. I have tried my hands of all kinds of planes from small Cessna 172  to Boing 747 jumbo jet.



I travelled to all major airports  ( JFK, Hethrow, alaska, sydney, New Delhi, Paris etc… ) amazing isn’t it???

But I always wanted to fly military aircrafts and after watching transformers and other movie I was desperate….

At last here I am flying the most advanced air planes on this planet. I always wanted to be in air force but my eye glasses shattered my dreams! However in my world nothing is impossible. Mahendra can do anything.


C117 globemaster-  Giant aircraft used mainly for army logistics. capable of landing and taking off from short runways. Currently used by US air force, RAF (royal british air force), NATO and India Air Force.  C117 played a vital role in humanitarian mission in flood relief and earthquake relief operation in China, India and Japan by the Indian Air Force.

I enjoyed flying this giant, however the landing part was very difficult……… it’s quite big!


F 35:  Operated by US Air Force, this particular plane is a nightmare for enemy troops. Capable of flying day/night and carrying nuclear war head it is one of the most advanced plane on this planet.

Flying this plane was amazing, the advanced controls, the speed and responsiveness of this plane is awesome! It’s a masterpiece.


SR71 blackbird:  A war veteran, this plane is out of service now but still the crown jewel of USAF. Used primarily by CIA for covert action and intelligence gathering during cold war.

Flying this plane can’t be compared to any other plane. this plane doesn’t have any flaps to slow it down. And to land this bird, I used area 51 runway as it is one of the longest runways in the world.  I had to use parachute to stop this…… very tough to slow it down!

Now, before you start thinking that I am drunk and did everything in my dreams!  Nope… Everything mentioned above is a fact. I carried out all the operations in perfectly good condition and I was awake all the time…. BUT EVERYTHING HAPPENED IN A FLIGHT SIMULATOR. (microsoft flight simulator)

YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME???   Here is the proof.

flight simulator award


Now before you go insane…. good bye! and next time you have flight trouble call me. Winking smile

mission accomplished!

mission accomplished!



the day before yesterday I made a point that I will wake up early in the morning, everyday. My watch said it was 04:52 am when I woke up today. I finally accomplished my goal and that too without any alarm. I guess, my body has got a new BIOS ( in computer terms- it is the small part of the motherboard which keeps tracks of time and input/output system).

Planning to move out ASAP! I am ready, my bike is ready, lets hit the road.

09:32 am-

There was a  slight change of plan, in place of riding my bike, I met jitendra, another hostel mate, watching cricket in the morning. I asked for company and he politely accepted. We hiked for around 10 kms.  And to my surprise we visited a nearby place which I never saw before. It was a place surrounded by a lot of nurseries and gardens. What a morning!

Would love to visit again!



good morning!


This is what I got in the morning!

My appointment with the super power

My appointment with the super power

I have been living in Indore for the last four years but haven’t visited one of the most sacred places in India given the fact that it’s just 43 miles from here. In our religion there is a saying that until and unless the supreme power calls you, you can’t visit his place. That’s very true… at least I believe that. It happened twice with me. People plan throughout their life but never get time to visit these places. And I got chances out of no where.

So, Here I am in the holy land of river Narmada.


Narmada is the most respected river in the western part of India and probably one of the least polluted too. Beside the bank of river Narmada there is the temple of Lord Shiva constructed  centuries ago. History is amazing!!!!! I like it Winking smile

We were here to immerse the idol of Lord Ganesha (Son of lord Shiva). After week long celebration it was the time to say good bye to ganeshji.



This was my visit here I enjoyed every moment of it, the road to omakareshwar is as amazing as the destination itself. Passing through the valley of Vindhya Range the scenery is breath taking and sensational!


Recently I have started dancing but I didn’t participated in this act as it involves throwing of gulal (color in powder form) and by default my nose is highly sensitive to it. By the way, I can even smell the essence of the delicious food in you plate right now…. superpower!


I am still safe in the background! some has to choreograph everything……..right?



Time for rest! After a lot of dance and prayers the entire group took refuge among the ancient temples…


Wow! some one is taking a picture… that’s a very rare thing for me, given the fact that my face isn’t photogenic at all.



Everyone was busy praying while I was searching for GOD!  Damn… where is the idol and why it’s locked???   Guess the god lies within ourselves so we greet each other with “Namaste”.


Ancient temple built centuries ago!



While I was looking straight at the camera. Some of them found enough time to look somewhere else!  guys…… this is a sacred place remember????


Me and my buddy Rahul, we are from the same town “BOKARO STEEL CITY” and probably the steel bar behind us was from our city too. Steel runs in our blood ! Winking smile


Khalil Ahmed, one of the latest addicts of facebook!  Totally immersed in spirituality!



I love mountains, every place I have been living until now, definitely has a mountain within 10 km radius.  This river is a tributary of river Narmada. A well known picnic spot!


Journey was long but I enjoyed every moment of it and thank god, I finally found you!  Inner peace!

Doesn’t matter which place you visit, if it is related to god, doesn’t matter church, temple, fire temple, gurudwara, or Mosque there is one thing common everywhere…… Inner peace, the stillness you feel in your heart!

May god bless everyone! 

Every day is a festival in India!

Every day is a festival in India!

The above words are not exactly mine but still it’s very apt for India.  Practically, we have more holidays than any other country. Should I be proud of it???  well…. 80% yes and 20% no.  We are in this planet to live life with excitement and fun not to keep worrying about past, present and future. However sometimes it gets over the head, important works get delayed because of so many holidays.


By the way, who said we need to have special festivals all the time? every single day should be celebrated as YOU ARE ALIVE!  Not every one is lucky today!

So, here I am celebrating my day. 



It was very difficult for me to wake up in morning as my system turned off around 01:37 am but still I was up pretty soon. But the monsoon didn’t allowed me to step out. Sad smile  However I did one great thing, I climbed up to the terrace of my hostel. Well, I have to get double PhD in english to explain it completely but I can tell you one thing, early morning breeze……. combined with a bit of rain and mist, it’s soul refreshing!  Technically I hate getting up early in the morning (typical computer engineer habit) but since I don’t want to be a so called geek or nerd. I can make a few changes!

So hereby, I promise that I will not follow MST (mahendra standard time – sunrise- 10:00 am , bedtime- 03:00 am) anymore. 

Four years back I was in travelling to a nearby place in my hometown in a bus and it was passing through a mountain valley…  Morning+mountain+ mist and +MAHENDRA…. I can’t write it down, it’s somewhere inside……… I almost forgot that incident but thanks to my new friend it’s back in my hard disk!

Thank you!



Inspired by one of my new friends I have started to think different……………. really different.  I read a blog day before yesterday and it featured the entire routine of the day. That’s cool…… I want to try it myself. If you still don’t believe me then look for a watch, it’s 06:27 am now and I am up from the bed, normal Mahendra would have been done it at around 10-11 am.


1. Breakfast : very important! can’t do anything without feeling something in my stomach.

morning breakfast

2. Next, comes up the preparation for the companies. I should try my hands on a few! who cares I don’t wanna work in a company, a job offer would be a handy thing to keep.

3. Washing clothes:  yeah! sometimes computer guys do this kind of things too… not a big deal!

4. Will post further information later in the day!



wired magazine office







Seems like my room?  Naah! it’s from wired magazine, however I would definitely love to  work with this kind of setup.

Bye for now!

Teacher’s day!

Teacher’s day!

“Nobody in our world would even have a job if it weren’t for out teachers. They are the smartest people in the world. They could work for any organization or major corporation, and yet they decide to teach us what we need to know so we can walk out of the school building each day educated, equipped and fired up to make our dreams come true. To all educators everywhere, thanks for being teachers.”

extracts from- puppies for sale by Dan Clark


In India, teacher’s day is celebrated every year on 5th of September, the day marks the birthday of India’s second president Dr S. Radhakrishnan.

When I was a kid, teacher’s day meant a break from normal routine and a whole lot of speeches, dances and dramas. I never actually participated in any of these events. I believed that respecting teachers not only in class but also outside the class is the best way to show gratitude towards them. Being an introvert, I never had much interaction with my teachers, forget teachers I rarely had friends… !

Today I miss my school days more than anything. My teachers may not recognize me now but I can’t forget anyone. Whatever good I am today that’s only because of them. One day I will venture out and meet all my teachers, doesn’t matter where you are I WILL FIND THEM!





                                                               My first teacher in this planet!-  Mrs S. Mohanty