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Mahendra KumarWhile the entire planet revolves around it’s axis in 24 hours; 1/3 of the time I am traversing Ireland (in my dreams) and the rest of the time I am doing something the civilized world calls work.

For me, my entire day is the complete manifestation of who I am and how I perceive life. If I don’t like something I don’t do it and if I like something I am all over it day in and day out. It would be totally wrong to say that money isn’t important; it is however the most valuable by-product of my pursuits. The most important thing in my life and I am pretty sure about it after working with companies and individuals for more than 10 years… is the smile on the person’s face at the end of each and every endeavor may it be my parents, colleagues, managers or the CEO. That’s the treasure I strive for every single day.

So what do I actually do? Here is my Curriculum vitae-

My resume says I am a team lead in an IT company working mostly on web and mobile App development but my references would tell you that I am person who just loves to be with computers.


  • 1995- I started as a newbie programmer in LOGO and then eventually in BASIC.
  • 2003- Moved into web development with the advent of internet and HTML.
  • 2005- Back into programming with C and C++. The best computer language ever.
  • 2010- Java and Android
  • 2011- HTML5, CSS, PHP, WordPress, Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.
  • 2015 to present- Angular JS, Ionic, Android and Node Js.


windows Appfest

App Development marathon at Microsoft, India

Digital Analytics certificate

Google Analytics Principles

Certificate of completion of Digital Analytics from Google

Mahendra Kumar

Work holiday in Thailand.

Angular Js

Angular Js and Ionic in action.


Something I designed wayyyy back….

project - Roccia poster

poster designed by Mahendra Kumar

Projects I have worked on:



My article was recently published by the elephantjournal, USA

1. Insanely normal

Apps for internal use by clients:

Android app by Mahendra Kumar

Location based app for a Canadian towing company.

yoga app by Mahendra Kumar

Yoga App