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Digital meditation- radio silence

Digital meditation- radio silence

You all know what meditation really is… in the most non Sanskrit words it is just calming your mind down but strangely enough calming your mind is like trying to bend the spoon as in the movie “Matrix” no matter how hard you try… that’s not happening.  Least you can do is to be happy about the fact that while trying to bend the spoon you cleaned up your kitchen (mind).

Now why am I talking about spoons here? well nothing in particular I just have two of them and would like to use them for long.

Back to the real Matrix…. Last week was kind of a turmoil. That happens all the time in tech world. Out of no where you are stuck with a few lines of code for days. I was practically staring at 15 lines of code for the entire week to find bugs in them.  The only relief was lunch at Divya Sir’s place. Trust me when I say I ate like a pig.. I really did.


Bhagavad Gita says you need leave your body and think from a different perspective when you handle any difficult situation and to do that you need peace of mind therefore I turned off my computers, Wifi and cell phone for most part of the days and also deactivated my Facebook account briefly in order to stay as relaxed as ever and I did slept for long.

And luckily enough I finally got the algorithm sorted out and a job contract with awesome perks. However in the mean time my phone must have got a ton of curse words for being silent and not responding to any calls. Apart from a few calls from loved ones I don’t regret leaving my phone behind in the room. It’s one of those things which makes me believe that no matter what I am still a human who likes normal face to face conversation. That reminds me of a 70 years old security guard I met 2 days back after almost 3 years. A genuine smile and a few words were all we needed to catch up. We don’t even know each others name but he knows more about me than most of my Facebook friends plus we rarely chat.

Everyone is bound to get in trouble at some point or other but in those times it’s best to turn off your internet and move out in sun, rain and in cold the world would be more real and small. It’s definitely not running away but focusing on the real issue rather than what’s happening in Yemen.

From the beginning of the development sprint there were a whole lot of problems personal, professional but I believe that happiness is worth sharing and problems are worth fighting for. You would never hear any problems from me unless you are the one I need help from.

Coming back to meditation this is what meditation and radio silence actually means and it’s effects.

( credits: Marcia Dominguez)


chapati by Mahendra

PS: Just got this picture from my lovely friend Jiaranai. I managed to make chapatis not in India but in Thai.

Mahendra Kumar

Shameless self promotion

Shameless self promotion

“Let the shameless self promotion begin” one of the most unique and genuine quotes I ever came across. This is by one of my NON FACEBOOK friends, Sarah Gormen. She is one of the most amazing brainstormers I ever met. Brilliant ideas and a lot of skills. Globetrotter, and of course a lady with genuine smile all the time.. – very rare!

With my 19 years of experience with computers and a lot of work experience too, I know very well that the stuff you see on Facebook, twitter, Google+ are mostly for publicity / promotion. And among this a lot of genuine people, feeds, news disappear.

You don’t believe me?? Ok. let me give you an example. The feeds you see on your facebook homepage depends on the time and the popularity of the post. For example your friend posted a very old picture of you and him together. But because your other friends posted something else with a lot of people tagged on it. and companies posted their own feeds. You missed to see that. Unless your friend tagged you, or you dig a lot deeper in facebook feeds.

This happens everywhere in Media, Google news, Twitter “Trends”. I don’t know where to find genuine people. Perhaps, there is no website left which boasts of genuine people and no publicity. It’s obvious no one would ever built anything which won’t be publicized.

But then again, let me give you a perfect example. “Google”. It’s a fact that Google never publicized it’s SEARCH ENGINE, never started any add campaign for “Google Search” . It was totally word of mouth.

What I think is, when you have a real killer product, something top notch or something unique. You don’t need publicity. Everyone else will publicize for you.

PS: You may want to exclude books, or stories or any other content from writers and Artists etc. Cause, a story isn’t worth anything if people don’t know about it. Bible is the most famous book in history. Because it is the most shared book in history.

Best Wishes and keep me posted haha 🙂

Perhaps via email or post cards ( If you wish).

When September Ends!

When September Ends!

There is a phase in everyone’s life when everything seems perfect.  perhaps, I would regard September 2012 as one of the most eventful month in my life. I traveled a lot, worked hard and did a lot of things which I never thought of.  Also made a few new friends and missed several others. I had the best family time both in Mumbai and in Bangalore. My brothers and sister are super awesome.

Mahendra kumar's  visit to mumbai

The coolest brothers and sister one can have.

One of the most memorable event of my life.

Sometimes it strikes my mind that do I really have a lot of friends or they are just a number on facebook or perhaps I am taking facebook rather very seriously. It grew to have a billion user now but I don’t now many of them actually are REAL FRIENDS to each other or just a number.

Well, I believe that it’s my job to remember my friends whatsoever, whether they remember me or not doesn’t matter. May be someday I will have 288 really close friend and one very very close friend.




Love, one of the most frequently asked question in everyday life. Whats happening? Do you have a girlfriend? Howz your girlfriend? etc . Nowadays, in the facebook age every girl on your facebook friend’s list is being considered as your girlfriend ( except for your relatives, of course). But I don’t think so. From the last couple of months I have been asked a thousand times about my love life. Therefore I decided to answer this once and for all.

In truly believe in love at first sight. I am sure if you have experienced it you know it’s 100% fact. You see someone and your heart says yes she’s is the one. However instincts play a very vital role in it. This does not mean that I had this kind of experience. May be…. I am still figuring it out.

I believe, that Love happens only once. Doesn’t matter what you say, you truly know that there is only one girl. Like in the case of swans, angelfish, Albatross, turtle, doves and bald eagles I also think that there is only one partner for life.

Now the final question…. do you have a girlfriend?? simply answer.. I am in pursuit! My work and shy nature always prevented me from thinking about anything which isn’t a computer. What I think is….when it will happen it will happen…..

So now that I have answered all the queries please stop bugging me on this.

The Facebook Act 2012

The Facebook Act 2012

Everyone’s life changed since the arrival of the social networking site Facebook. My life changed drastically. I started to talk too much, the patient side of Mahendra was almost extinct. I waited eagerly for messages, notifications etc..

Earlier my work used to talk for me but now my chat messages did the talking.. too bad!

But, not anymore. I have decided to limit my facebook usage to making friends and responding to messages. I am shutting down chat services which include fb chat, Google chat etc. I will be offline unless required for work or something important.

Hoping to find the SANE side of myself…. The real MAHENDRA